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Our team of experts has scoured the market to bring you the top-rated generators for various purposes, from camping and RVing to emergency backup power. We provide an in-depth analysis of each generator’s features, performance, and reliability so that you can choose the right generator for you. Trust our reviews to help you find the best generator for your needs! Whether you’re looking for a portable generator for your next outdoor adventure or a standby generator to power your home during a blackout, we’ve got you covered.

Best Portable Inverter Generator review

Do you need a portable inverter generator that’s dependable and effective? We’re here to provide sound guidance so you can make an informed choice. Our team has assessed the leading models available, analyzing their characteristics, operation, and user-friendliness to assist you in selecting the ideal choice for your requirements.

Best Portable Inverter Generator review
Best dual fuel inverter generator.

Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Are you looking for a dual-fuel inverter generator? Our buying guide covers the top features and benefits of propane and gasoline. Our expert reviews compare the best models. Trust us to help you find the perfect generator.

Best Quiet Generator for Camping

Best Quiet Generator for Camping

Find a peaceful camping experience with our quiet generators. Our expert reviews have evaluated top models for noise level, fuel efficiency, and portability, ensuring you can enjoy undisturbed natural surroundings. Let us guide you to the best option.

Best portable generator for high altitude

Best portable generator for high altitude

Our team of experts has tested and reviewed portable generators that work efficiently in high-altitude conditions. Our focus is on power output, fuel efficiency, and durability, and we are here to help you find the perfect generator that meets your needs. Count on us to guide you in selecting a dependable and efficient portable generator for high elevations.

Best Inverter Generator For RV Air Conditioners

Best Inverter Generator For RV Air Conditioners

Rely on our team of experts to identify the ideal inverter generators for your RV air conditioner. We meticulously evaluate power output, noise level, fuel efficiency, portability, and ease of use to ensure optimal performance. Trust us to confidently and efficiently power your RV air conditioner.

Best 4500 Watt Inverter Generator

Are you looking for a reliable power source for outdoor activities or emergencies? Look no further than our review of top 4500-watt inverter generators. Our experts have meticulously compared features, performance, and fuel efficiency to provide you with the most informed decision possible. Count on us to guide you toward the most dependable power source.

Smallest Portable Generators

Smallest Portable Generators

Our experts reviewed top small portable generators for camping and outdoor activities. We assess power output, run time, noise level, and overall performance to help you find a compact, powerful, and dependable generator on the move.

Best Ford Generator Reviews

Best Ford Generator Reviews

You can rely on Ford for the ultimate generator. Our team of experts has thoroughly tested and assessed Ford models for their outstanding features, top-notch performance, and unparalleled dependability. Get the perfect generator for your camping or home needs with us.

Champion 2000-W Inverter Generator Reviews
Best 4500 Watt Inverter Generator
Best 8000-Watt Generator Review for Mid-Size House

Best Standby Generator For Home Use

You’ll need a generator rated between 5,000 to 7,500 watts to power your home. This wattage powers critical appliances such as your refrigerator, freezer, well pump, and lighting circuits. With a single 7500-watt generator, you can confidently keep all these devices running without worry.

Firman 2000 Watt Generator Review

This Firman 2000i inverter generator delivers up to 2000 watts of power.

Pulsar G2319N Review

This Pulsar G2319N inverter generator delivers up to 2300 watts of power.

Honda EU2200i Generator Review
Honda EU2200i Generator Review

This Honda EU2200i inverter generator delivers up to 2200 watts of power.

A-iPower SUA12000E
A-iPower SUA 12000E Review

This A-iPower SUA12000E inverter generator delivers up to 12000 watts of power.

Best Generator Review

You can rest assured that our website has thoroughly evaluated and tested various generator options from different stores and retailers. It’s effortless to locate the generator that meets your needs with our assistance. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect generator for your home with the links we provide.

Portable inverter generators are popular for outdoor events and as backup power sources. They are now more accessible and affordable than ever.

It’s crucial to remember the laws and regulations for portable generators in various settings before purchasing one. Selecting the appropriate generator to power appliances and equipment is essential, but improper use can lead to severe damages and hazards such as fire, electrocution, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Generators harness AC electricity to power everyday household appliances. The engine and alternator work together, generating electrical energy, and the voltage regulator expertly adjusts it to the required voltage.

Types of Generators


Portable backup generators are highly dependable sources of electricity. Equipped with wheels and handles, they can be easily transported, although their weight may require two individuals. These generators can provide power to small appliances and power tools, and with a manual transfer switch, they can even supply circuits throughout an entire house.

Inverter Generators

Inverter generators are efficient and versatile. They convert AC to DC and back to AC for clean, consistent power. They can be plugged into existing outlets and are worth the investment.


Permanently installed standby generators are connected to a home’s electrical system and are always ready for use. They come equipped with advanced technology that monitors the power supply from the utility and automatically switches on in the event of a power outage. During a power outage, they can provide electricity to specific critical circuits or the entire house.

Options for Fuel

During extended power outages, gas stations may struggle to meet the high demand for gasoline for portable generators. Consider converting your generator to propane or natural gas using a conversion kit to avoid this. Prices for these kits start at around fifty dollars.

Does the Generator Need to Be Grounded?

Grounding a generator is crucial for safety. Two methods are neutral bonding and floating neutral. Use a grounding rod and connect it to the generator’s ground wire. When powering circuits at home, use GFCI outlets with neutral switching and a manual transfer switch. Keep the generator in a well-ventilated area, at least 20 feet away from any building or window due to carbon monoxide emissions.

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