Best Portable Inverter Generator review

Generators are available in different types, designs, and specifications. However, the best portable inverter generator differs significantly from other generator types. Regardless of these differences, the best inverter generators are often recognized as top portable generators because they are more comfortable to carry and convenient to use.

Unlike conventional generators, inverter generators maintain a constant Hertz and voltage without fluctuations. As a result, there is no harmonic distortion. When there is constant harmonic distortion, the generator cannot provide clean electricity, an essential feature to guarantee the safety of your devices.

Best Portable Inverter Generator

Clean energy is preferred for sensitive electrical devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc. Since inverter generators can hold a steady rpm, they exceed better than conventional generators. Apart from this, the lacks of harmonic distortion also make the generators less noisy.

As expected, the best portable inverter generators can produce up to 10,000 watts or more. Although they appear small, they boast the same power and are sometimes more potent than conventional portable generators. The mechanics are also different and more complicated since more parts are involved in getting the final electrical output to your devices.

Most inverter generators use fossil fuels and also draw power from the tank. Notwithstanding, they also have a battery, inverter, and alternator. The power from the engine is initially an AC, but the alternator converts it to a DC. The inverter then converts the DC back to an AC.

Due to these different processes in the energy conversion process, the best portable inverter generators are more stable in producing electricity. This is what clean electricity means; the quality of the electricity is the same as the quality you’ll find on electrical suppliers’ mains.

The initial AC is usually at a high frequency; and, as a result, provides more electrical energy to make clean electricity possible. The inversion of DC back to AC allows more control over the AC frequency to create a stable sine wave. The more control the generator provides, the more energy-efficient it will be.

You can also adjust the voltage to match what the connected load needs. This stable current feature is one reason portable inverter generators are silent and more efficient than conventional generators. Plus, there is less production of greenhouse emissions.

Who Is this for portable inverter generators?

Emergencies: Generators are handy for meeting disasters and emergencies. For example, a natural disaster like a flood or hurricane usually knocks power out for days. Icy or heat from this domino effect kills thousands of people yearly. Hence, a portable inverter generator prepares you for situations like these where a space heater in a blizzard could make the difference between life and death.

Homeowners: Inverter generators, like conventional generators, are handy and ideal for home use. If you live in an area where light is less constant, it will help to have one of these champs lying around. Unlike the conventional ones, you won’t need to spend on gasoline. 

Inverter generators are not noisy; hence, they are suitable for use in urban areas. You can buy any of the generators; rest assured that you won’t disturb the peace of your neighbors. All you need to do is create space and run electricity until your needs are met. You can also use it as a regular backup generator in case of a main electrical supply cut.

Campers: Inverter generators are close to must-haves for campers and trip lovers. A significant advantage of a portable power supply source is that you can conveniently carry it anywhere. For any looking to spend time out in the open, it will be unwise to go without any power source.

True, you can argue that you’ll have the campfire to keep you warm. A campfire cannot always substitute for an original electricity source. For example, when you need to charge your devices or power some units, you will need a convenient power source. It would be best if you bought an inverter generator before embarking on your camping trip.

Standby For Companies and Offices: A company will also need portable inverter generators as no one can ever have enough clean electricity. Since the clamor is about going green and environmental sustainability, it will help if a company adopts clean energy practices.

Instead of over-reliance on power sources that give too much emission, a company can run their businesses with an inverter generator. It promises cleaner energy and less disruption to the environment. Besides, it helps to maintain a calm and serene environment.

Carnivals, Fairs, And Night Working: A portable generator lets you turn a parking lot into a carnival ground without much stress. Apart from this, road maintenance crews and people who work at night will find it helpful and practical.

Key points to select the Best Portable Inverter Generator:

Before getting the Best Portable Inverter Generator, we need to consider some key points. Here it is:

The size of the generator

Although “portable” usually means small, it doesn’t mean that all the generators are of the same size and capacity. Hence, you should know the generator’s size to buy as it can often determine the capacity. The common ones include:

  • Large portable generators: Large, mobile generators weigh as much as 250 pounds. Generators in this category often come with wheels for conveniently moving them to different locations. However, they are not suitable for impromptu use at a party. Nonetheless, they are handy for generating up to 5,000 watts at 220 volts to power your house.

Hence, large portable generators are best used for house or office use. Put differently, they are best for stationary use. You can connect the generator directly to an electrical panel via a safe transfer switch.

  • Mid-sized portable generator: These inverter generators weigh up to 80 pounds and come with wheels for convenient movement. Unlike their larger counterparts, they produce between 2500 to 4500 watts and shouldn’t be connected to an electrical panel. Since the energy rating is not too high, you can plug your appliances into the generator.

However, it would help if you only did this after reading and following the connection guidelines. Mid-Sized portable generators are best used for recreational vehicles as they can power small appliances. Besides, they are light enough to carry some distances for use.

  • Recreational generators: This type of inverter generator is ideal for camping, parties, and other recreational activities. The generators are so small you can carry them with one hand. As expected, they have lower watts but enough to get you through any day.

Depending on your wants, we recommend that you shop for an inverter generator that is sizable to meet your needs.

The Brand of the Generator

We don’t want to be biased; however, the brand also goes a long way in determining its quality. For example, some of the market’s best brands have thrived on years of goodwill, driven by consistent quality delivery and exceptional performance.

Brands like these, which have enjoyed a track record of quality and consistency, are always better than newcomers.

For example, Briggs & Stratton has been around for more than 110 years and has enough experience and market interaction to back their products.

Instead of merely buying on impulse, you should buy from respected brands to increase the chances of a valuable investment. Other common top brands include Wen products, A-Ipower, etc.


The usual saying is that price often determines quality. To differ, the quote is better because price sometimes determines quality.

When buying a top-quality inverter generator, strike a price-quality ratio balance. The reason is that, in a bid to buy a quality product, some buyers spend too much with no significant return.

Conversely, to save cost, some end up with faulty products that don’t go far. Hence, it would help if you struck a balance between the quality you want and how much you are willing to pay. One way to do this is to group the pricing into a category you are comfortable with. 

For example;

  • Below $500: Generators in this pricing category are primarily medium and may not produce more than 3000 watts. However, they offer enough functions to satisfy your needs. When you stick to a class like this, you will end up with a better product than someone interested in buying portable generators below $50. Although you are not spending in excess, you are also not traveling too low on the price range to cut costs.
  • Above $500: generators above $500 range from medium to large. Although they tend to be more prominent in size, they offer greater output. It is also better to try out this benchmark instead of looking to buy generators above $3000.

Regardless of your appearance, there is a product at every price level. Instead of breaking the bank to buy a generator, you should look for a product at a comfortable price level for features you are satisfied with.

Ease of use

Inverter generators are more comfortable and convenient to use. Apart from this, they are quieter and more portable with user-friendly control panels. 

However, since products differ, you need to look for ease of operation and maintenance. We recommend you look for a generator with a detailed instruction manual on how to use it. It will also help if there is a video on how to operate and maintain the generator.

Engine or fuel Efficiency

Inverter generators are more fuel-efficient compared to conventional generators. Most conventional generators often maintain the same engine speed regardless of what they are powering.

On the other hand, inverter generators adjust their speed based on load requirements. This ability to change the engine speed also reduces the chances of suffering wear and tear at an early stage.

Hence, it would help if you are looking for products with high and quality engine efficiency to guarantee lasting usage without frequent maintenance.

Clean power delivery

It would help if you considered the ability to deliver stable, consistent, and clean energy to your devices. Remember, the power produced can potentially harm your appliances and electronic gadgets.

Since the energy from an inverter generator is delivered in sine waves, it usually has less harmonic distortion and is safe for powering sensitive devices. Check to ensure the generator will show on the clean power delivery promise before buying the product.

Capability and output port

Thanks to their parallel capable feature, some of the best portable inverter generators can be paired with another generator.

This feature lets you use two or more generators by the same manufacturer to increase the overall output. If your generator has an outcome that is less than what you need, we recommend looking for this feature, as it lets you attach more generators to the one you already have.

If you have a parallel capable generator, check to ensure the new one you buy supports the same feature. Apart from this, you also need to consider the number of ports on the generator.

Smaller generators usually come with one or two output ports and some USB ports for powering smaller devices. However, mid-sized and larger generators have more outlets. Feel free to shop for output ports as desired.

Safety technology

Technology and intelligent features are a plus for any portable generator. For example, a feature like the automatic shut-down ensures less power usage. Most generators by A-iPower feature a “low idle” technology that provides an extended run time and use without pushing the unit to breaking point.

Some models also feature True Power technology for cleaner power for sensitive electronics. The start, run and stop We can also integrate functions into a single dial for convenient usage or another feature that increases starting capacity for more efficiency.

Although there is no standard, the idea is to look for as many innovative features as possible before buying the generator.


Inverter generators are easier to maintain than conventional generators. However, it would help if you sought a warranty on parts and units to avoid a wrong purchase.

Pre-Purchase Considerations for a Portable Inverter Generator:


Wattage is one of the most important considerations before buying a portable inverter generator.

Generators have different wattage ratings; however, the higher the wattage rating, the more power it can produce. However, a higher wattage rating often means a more expensive unit.

As we explained, portable generators are available in different sizes; hence, you can find the wattage corresponding to each dimension.

Heavy-duty inverters for homes usually have up to 4500 or more watts, while the mid-sized ones for job sites or home use have been 3000-4500 watts. Light-duty inverters for camping and small outdoor activities usually come with 2000-3000 watts.

Noise level

The most noticeable difference between an open-framed generator and an inverter generator is super quiet in the noise level. Most conventional generators are loud and often produce more than 100 decibels of sound.

On the other hand, inverter generators are not often as noisy. Most times, noise from an inverter generator is usually between the 50-60 decibel ranges, small enough to avoid disturbance. People like to have the best portable Inverter Generator in their homes.

Apart from this, an inverter generator features sensors that detect power usage to reduce energy usage. As a result, it produces a lower noise level. Thanks to this feature, you won’t disturb your neighbors during use. Buying the economy model can be another essential consecrations. 

Durability and reliability

The construction often determines how long an inverter generator can withstand wear and tear. Since the products are made from different materials, we recommend you only buy the ones made from the sturdiest materials. Cast-iron parts and steel are more durable and efficient.

However, you should also make sure the parts don’t make the generator heavier than it should. Although the emphasis is on durable build and construction, it should remain lightweight to ensure easy and convenient transportation.

Maximum power output

The wattage listed on the product is not always the same, especially after powering all your devices simultaneously. After adding all the wattage for the equipment, it is not uncommon for the generator to get overloaded and stop working.

Although some generators are advertised with a maximum power output wattage, this maximum power output may only be supplied for less than 30 minutes.

More than looking for the maximum power output wattage, you should also look for the rated power to ensure it can produce energy for an extended period without fail.

Frequency of use

The need for an inverter generator varies from occasional to consistent use. If you intend to use the generator occasionally, you don’t need to look for a product with a commercial engine and a robust build.

However, if you run it daily, you will be better off with a rugged body and powerful engine generator. Hence, determine the frequency of use to know which product to buy.

Wheel kit and accessories

Extra features make generators more user-friendly. For example, wheels make moving from one place to another easier. Apart from this, some models have a handle on top that you can use to push it conveniently.

An endless list of extra features can come with a generator; however, make sure they are easy to use.

Generator Tips about the best portable inverter Generator:

  • Always follow the guidelines and instructions listed on the generator maintenance schedule. These instructions detail how to run the generator and maintain it efficiently. If you can, seek extra help when installing or maintaining the generator to avoid accidents. Even if you know something about running and maintaining a generator, no one knows a product better than the manufacturer. Hence, you should always follow the guidelines to ensure your generator runs at peak efficiency and increase its lifespan.
  • Always keep the generator covered when you do not use it to protect it from moisture, dust, and dirt that can clog its system and cause harm. When these contaminants accumulate and seep into vital components, it is harder for the generator to function. The best alternative is to purchase a generator cover online or at a local store to shield your generators.

Some of these covers have weather-resistant and waterproof features for further protection. This further reiterates the first point about following the instructions, as it will detail how to store and what conditions to store the generator. However, permanently remove the covers since they act as insulation to prevent the generator from overheating.

  • Don’t use an inverter generator indoors or in closed spaces where carbon monoxide can build up. The reason is that prolonged exposure to it can be fatal. If you don’t use the unit frequently, power it every three months for about 30 minutes to keep it operational.
  • Continuously monitor the generator’s wattage capacity during use, even when you can handle the voltage. First, check the generator’s labeling to determine its wattage rating before plugging devices into it. To calculate the power needed:
  • Make a list of all your appliances that you will power with the generator.
  • Note down the running power for each item on the list in watts.
  • If you cannot find the wattage, multiply the amps by the volts to get the wattage.
  • Add all the running watts to get the minimum running power requirement.
  • Besides the minimum running power, add a few hundred watts to ensure the generator can handle fluctuations and power inconsistencies in the future.
  • Install a transfer switch for larger generators to connect them to your home’s utility grid. The switch prevents the generator from supplying electricity simultaneously as a regular electricity supply. When both power sources are simultaneously connected, it could blow the circuits and cause a fire outbreak. However, we recommend you let a professional install it to avoid risking electrocution.
  • Inspect your generator regularly to track dirty, broken, and misaligned parts. You can schedule the inspection weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly based on how often you use the generator. This routine helps to keep it in good shape and prevent falling apart.
  • Do not use a very long extension cord to run the generator. Instead, use a short but rated extension cord.

The Best place to buy a portable inverter generator.

We can buy portable inverter generators online and offline, and If you like to go online, you may find many retail stores like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. Even a lot of inverter generator manufacturers like Briggs & Stratton and A-Ipower sell their products online. You can go with them. Or, if you like to visit a shop, you can search google Maps with this keyword inverter generator provider near me.

Common FAQ about the best portable inverter generator

Here are some common frequently asked questions about portable best inverter generators.

What are the advantages of a portable inverter generator?

There are many advantages to using a portable inverter generator. Some expected benefits are Easy to use and clean, more energy or fuel-efficient, Its environmentally friendly. It can save you money. Most impotently, it’s always on standby as a power source for you.

Are Inverter Generators Safe for Electronics?

It provides Clean power, so it can help if you consider the ability to deliver stable, consistent power to your devices. You can use any electronics you want. The best portable inverter generator is safe for electronic appliances.

Should you buy an inverter generator or a conventional generator?

Normally, all inverter generators are small in size and lighter in weight, and during running, it’s super quiet than any conventional generator. If you like to consider these points, then it’s better to choose an inverter generator.
On the other hand, a conventional generator operates at a non-adjustable constant speed, so it causes more noise, Exhaust power, and Fell fuel efficiency. So it’s better to pick an inverter generator instead of a conventional generator.

Are Inverter Generators Worth the High Purchase Cost?

Inverter generators are sufficient for powering a few household appliances in any emergency period. Even it can be usable during outdoor activities or RVs. So it deserves a high price tag than conventional generators. Another point is – Price often determines quality, So if you want high-quality products, you might have to pay more.

What is the best portable inverter generator?

There are many portable inverter generators on the market. Before selecting the best mobile inverter generator, you must consider some critical points like What kind of electricity does it produce? Who is more energy efficient? Is it more portable than conventional fuel-powered generators? How much noise does it make? Is there a parallel connection available? Does it produce fewer greenhouse emissions? And what is the price of this beauty?

We hope this Best Portable Inverter Generator review can help you to get a better decision.