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Before starting this Briggs and Stratton P2400 Review we test a few other inverters as well. Including Generac 7117 Gp2200I, Honda EU2200i and Pulsar G2319N.

The Briggs & Stratton P2400 inverter generator delivers up to 2400 watts of power, making it an excellent choice for home, RV, or emergency use. To sum up, the Briggs & Stratton P2400 is an Easy assemble, Lightweight portable inverter generator. Comes with Features LED lights for low oil and overload alerts. It’s perfect for:

  • Tailgaters and campers who want to be able to use their power wherever they go.
  • Handicrafters who want to work while on the road.
  • Home Backup during any natural disaster.

6 things you should know about this Generator:

  • Starting 2400 Watts, Running 1800 Watts
  • Recoil starter start-up
  • Noise Level – 58 Decibels
  • Tank Capacity – Gasoline – 1gal (3.8L)
  • Backup time – over 8 hrs at 25% load
  • Weight – 51 pounds
Briggs and Stratton P2400 inverter generator

Briggs & Stratton P2400 review was posted on – June 17, 2022. Last Updated – Jul 4th, 2022

Expert Review Score – 4.60 Out of 5

User review on Amazon – 4.40 Out of 5 by 500+ Customers.

The Briggs & Stratton P2400 Powersmart Series model is ideal for home as well as recreational purposes. This is a product that sells out fast due to its popularity and brand reputation. Its unique internal monitoring capability informs the user of low oil levels or overload, all thanks to the smart technology onboarded.

Briggs and Stratton P2400 inverter generator Features

Briggs and Stratton P2400 inverter geneBriggs and Stratton P2400 inverter generatorrator comes with Smart Shutdown Technology. For added protection, this Briggs and Stratton P2400 has the imperial capability of grinding to a halt when it detects the build-up of dangerous CO levels.

These harmful toxins gather in the machine’s operational area. When using any piece of machinery, piece of mind in its safety is a key deciding factor in the purchasing process. It’s built by quiet power technology and many levels of carbon.

Protection of Sensitive Electronics

Any user that owns sensitive electronics of high value will benefit significantly from this Briggs & Stratton P 2400 inverter generator. It is immensely kind by ensuring an undisruptive and gradual flow of power to these devices. Valuable devices can be connected to this machine, affording you peace of mind that the generator will be kind.

Powerful Connector

What is the best feature of all, you might ask? This portable generator can connect two units for the ultimate boost in power. This means that even your RV’s AC can be operated in hot temperatures. Pair it with the parallel connector kit for best use. This way, you can even run a small home office effortlessly and meet those deadlines on time, every time.

Multi-device Connection Ability

This Briggs & Stratton P 2400 Watt machine allows users to connect multiple devices at the same time with the best engine speed. It comprises two 20V, 20A outlets, one parallel connector port, and numerous 5V USB ports. Don’t miss phone calls, and continue browsing other smart devices without any time delays.

User-friendly Monitoring Display

This popular inverter generator provides valuable insight to the user on when the oil level is low or overloaded. It has many vital parts like Air conditioning units, fuel consumption with backup power solutions. It implies the user will have the necessary information required to manage the oil level, which can be adjusted when needed. This is the perfect option for a user who desires to have an easily operated generator maintained.Briggs and Stratton P2400 inverter generator review

Protective Covering

The grey shell covering attached to the generator has a dual purpose in that it eliminates high-noise levels. Also, it provides much-needed protection to the internal components of the device.

Twin Handle

The manufacturer incorporated a twin handle mechanism supporting the machine when it needs to be transported between destinations. This portable light generator provides adequate support to the weight. This feature makes the inverted generator easily portable.

Optimal Design Structure

The design of this Briggs and Stratton P2400 generator makes for storing efficiently with minimum effort. This means that you don’t need to have a large space to fit the device when not in use. As if you require any more convincing that this is a good buy! And do not forget to check Briggs and Stratton p2200 parts diagram too. You may find some important information as well.

Long Run Time

A high percentage of reviewers reported that the machine has the capability of running for prolonged periods. Some stated the machine had a continuous draw of 40% on 1.5 gallons of fuel. Reportedly, it also can continue for approximately 7.5 hours.

Other buyers have reportedly put the generator through its paces by running it for 91 hours straight, barring refueling time. What excellent value for money when downtime is not your friend!

Briggs and Stratton P2400 inverter generator Features

Briggs and Stratton P2400 inverter generator Pros:

  • Ability to run multiple devices at the same time
  • Can be transported easily
  • A protective shell reduces noise levels and protects inner components.
  • LED light monitoring for low oil levels or overloading.
  • A dual connector port allows connecting two units for a power boost.

Briggs and Stratton P2400 inverter generator Cons:

  • One reviewer reported a faulty machine.
  • Another reviewer had a weeping oil, allowing oil to seep out.
  • No data center
  • No electric start
  • On the noisy side (62 dBA)
  • Relatively low run time
  • Low fuel efficiency

Briggs and Stratton generator 2200 problems

Briggs and Stratton generator 2200 is one of the best portable inverter generators, Though it has some issues that you know before buying the machine. Example We found Briggs and Stratton p2200 generator parts are a bit expensive. Check the Cons section for the P2400 inverter generator from Briggs and Stratton review.

P2400 PowerSmart Series Inverter Generator, Briggs & Stratton

Price: $650.00
as of June 7, 2023 1:41 am
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Price History


Current Price $650.00 June 7, 2023
Highest Price $709.00 May 5, 2023
Lowest Price $650.00 June 1, 2023
Since April 2, 2023

Last price changes

$650.00 June 1, 2023
$709.00 May 5, 2023
$689.00 April 24, 2023
$690.14 April 14, 2023
$661.85 April 12, 2023

Briggs and stratton p2400 Review Summary

As with other Quiet Generators for Camping This Briggs & Stratton P 2400 watts, portable inverter generator runs quietly, making it an ideal option for recreational and living purposes. After the machine has been used, it can be easily stored away with little to no effort on the user’s part. You can download Briggs and Stratton p2400 manual from here.

The shutdown technology makes it a safe option for even the greenest of users. This is due to its ability to detect hazardous CO levels built up in the machine’s operational area. The best feature has to be the dual connector port. This sees two of these powerful units can be connected at the same time for a power boost of note.


  1. Robbie Stein says:

    I am very impressed with this generator. It runs very quietly and was great for all my power needs while camping.

  2. Jenniffer Jackson says:

    Very affordable compared to Yamaha and Honda. However, It sounds more like a lawn mower than a small Quiet inverter. This probably wouldn’t be too big of an issue if we were planning to use it in a secluded area far away from annoying others. Hope this Briggs and Stratton inverter generator reviews can help you a bit

    1. @Jenniffer Jackson, Thanks for your valuable Briggs & Stratton p2400 review. Really appreciate that.
      Thank you

  3. Eugene Williams says:

    I can’t say enough about this inverter generator. This review is for the 2200 Watt model. On a recent Sunday night, Hurricane Florence was expected to hit our area hard starting Thursday and the power outage was safe.

    I’ve never used a generator in my life, but I had a feeling we were going to need one this time. I bought this generator late on a Sunday night and it arrived at my house on Wednesday via Prime. Local stores across town cannot have generators in stock. There were long queues and high prices. Knowing this would be the case, I decided to let Amazon do the work and leave it at my doorstep. This was a lifesaver.

  4. John Hedrick says:

    My strength was off for two whole days (48 hours), which is great considering this storm. I disassembled this the day before the storm, read the quick and easy setup, shot it, and it started right away, and it worked perfectly. After getting to know it, I put it away hoping I wouldn’t have to use it. But then the power went out. We started running in just a few minutes.

    I know 2200 watts isn’t much when it comes to generators and all the stores in town were selling them at much higher prices and rates, but I was on a mission to prevent my food from spoiling, and this did more than that. . During these 48 hours, I would keep my fridge running, use the lamp, use the radio, occasionally use a small TV and DVD player, charge our phones, and more.

    This generator is my workhorse and I was impressed knowing that it was charged over 25% and we got over 8 hours on each use. The suction cup starts with a simple pull and doesn’t stop until the gas runs out. Know the power you need before you buy. Could it be using more watts, sure? But I was in a bind and this was more than just work and I would recommend it to anyone.

  5. Sherri Ortiz says:

    We are happy with this purchase. We were trying to get something high quality and made in America, but it seemed to be made in China, so it was a disappointment. Other than that, it has worked fine so far. Easy enough to move around, it’s as quiet as a generator, and easy to operate. Good enough to charge the battery and use the toaster, hair dryer, TV, etc. Not enough to press the microwave

  6. Jean Magee says:

    It’s a little louder than I expected, but a lot quieter than my Honda 2200, which also weighs twice as much. I wish I had a fuel shutdown switch, but for the price I can’t really complain. It starts easily and runs smoothly.

    The handles have a great design. It’s easy for two people to carry, which comes in handy when you’re 70 like the rest of us. We recommend this unit!

  7. Iris Morin says:

    I bought this a couple of months ago when it went on sale for under $500. For that price, it’s great value for money, the generator is quiet enough for camping, and compared to a Honda at more than twice the price, you can’t go wrong. We’ll be using it at home and for dry camping with our trailer.

  8. I bought one last spring. Since then it has run a total of 2 hours over that time. Sometimes it starts, most of the time it doesn’t.

  9. This is a low quality portable inverter generator. It last to me like two or tree month, after that never start again. The low oil indicator went on but it was full of oil.

  10. This has been a great portable generator. Have used it a couple of time while tailgating and has handled all of our power needs and is very quiet without using too much gas. Would highly recommend.

  11. Jennifer Fisher says:

    Everyone says this is quiet, but can you hear the constant drone from inside while it is running outside?

    1. Everyone is different when it comes to hearing so if you are a light sleeper and sensitive to noise, you’ll hear it, But if you can fall asleep with the TV on you would have nothing to worry about.

  12. Daniel Walker says:

    This generator was bought to replace a Honda IU2000. It has now been used 2 years in a row for about 10 hours each time to power an RV. Seems to work as it was advertised. My Honda ran fine for 2 years, but then the carburetors and fuel pump failed, no doubt due to using an 87 octane/ethanol mix at some point. For half the price, it appears to be a more comparable generator. As with any small electric, look for a fuel source that does not contain ethanol. It turned out to be cancer because of everything that was going on.

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