Champion 2000 Watt Generator Review

We have owned a Champion 2000 Watt Gas Power Portable Inverter Generator since 2013, and it has been a solid machine. It’s a “regular” generator, so though powerful, it’s also pretty noisy. I’d wanted a smaller inverter generator for a few years now to be able to QUIETLY run minor stuff during power outages (among other uses).

I’ve seen them coming down in price for a while now, and when I saw the Champion 100692 Generator for less than $450 (delivered) on Amazon, I decided to go for it. We will add a detailed review soon. In the meantime, you can read some of our other generator reviews too.

Champion Power Equipment 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

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Champion 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator, Champion Power Equipment

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Champion 2000 Watt Generator Review Summary

About Alex Grint

This is Alex Behind this BestGenerator.Review. I have completed my Diploma in Electrical & Advanced Electrical from Apex Technical School, NYC. The School curriculum covers an introduction to the National Electric Code and includes an emphasis on electrical safety, breakers and fuses, blueprints, grounding, outlets, splicing, and bonding. Besides my job, I like to spend my time testing and playing with different electrical devices. Generators are one of my favorite machines.


  1. I would buy another one. I purchased this generator on behalf of me and my family were looking into some sort of electricity for tent camping without using our cars battery and chargers. What sold me on this product was the numerous good reviews about “perfect use for camping” so I pulled the trigger and bought one and to my surprise it was very quite and efficient. All we really needed it for was to run a few lights here and there with a fan at night and something like a electric skillet for pancakes for breakfast. Bottom line is I’m very pleased with it and I would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Good product. Bought this for both the PG&E power outages and our travel trailer. So far I’ve only used it during the power shutdown and it worked great! I powered both refrigerators and it worked great for other appliances like coffee maker and toaster. I really like the Eco mode as it kept the generator quiet while running. One thing I found handy when changing the oil was to cut the top off of a plastic bottle and slide it under the rubber lip, it caught all the oil without spilling a drop.

  3. BEST UNIT EVER FOR TRAVEL AND CAMPING! This Champion inverter generator is the ideal purchase for camping and long distance vacation travel. The fuel capacity will allow for many stops along the way for coffee, dinner and nighttime lighting and entertainment. Superbly designed for easy handling and storage, it fits right in with the compact needs of a travel generator. Remote light repairs are a breeze if power tools are needed in an emergency. Dual fuel use adds an extra dimension for more dependability. I absolutely recommend this unit to friends and relatives with no regrets.

  4. Amazing generator would definitely buy again!!! I have a 2021 Rockwood ESP off road edition trailer fully loaded minus AC. With the generator on and plugged into the trailer and everything turned on the generator is showing I’m only using 10-15% of what it can put out and that was in ECO mode not main mode using full power the generator can give out!!! It’s very user friendly and started on the 1st pull. It’s way quieter the many of the generators I’ve seen and the cover you can buy for it fits perfect. If you purchase this generator you won’t regret it!!!

  5. This saved the day and many more to come I’m sure. We in the Northeast tend to lose power somewhat often throughout the year. The last storm knocked out the power for almost 2 days. Well about 4 hours in and NO sump pump water was rising fast! I went to get an inverter to hook up to a battery to at least run the sump pump and saw the 2000 Watt gas generator on the shelf , yes the only one, i bought it and was NEVER happier. It kept the sump pump and the backup pump and the freezer and refrigerator and was able to make a fresh cup of hot coffee with the Keurig 🙂 . Full tank ran about 10 1/2 hours before I filled it backup with gas. Best investment i ever made. made me and my girlfriend VERY HAPPY

  6. Great but hard to start on propane out of the box. I like it a lot over all will fit my needs for camping in my Pop-up trailer when there is no Electrical hook up. The only problem I had was it would not start for the first time on propane. I had to start it on gas. After that it ran fine on Propane every time until I shut it down by just closing the propane valve. I did this after the 5 hour break in and changed the oil. After adding the correct amount of new oil, I again had had trouble starting it on Propane. I added more Gasoline and it started up. I shut it down and then started it on propane and it ran fine there after. I mainly purchased this to run on propane because most of our camping is with electrical hook up. I will be camping soon and will have the gas tank at least half full in case I have issues starting with propane. Also in the instruction manual there are some confusing instructions/misprints on the propane start page concerning cold and hot starts .

  7. Impressed. I’m very impressed! Super quiet and gets the job done. Love the eco mode option! Light weight and idiot proof.

  8. I love it and would buy another to link together. I use the generator inverter as backup for power outages. It is great for power for outdoor building where you need power.

  9. Absolutely. We had a major electric outage. It lasted 25 hours and it happened to be a warmer part of this spring. We were very worried about our freezers and fridge and having to throw a lot of frozen foods out. We were also worried that if the power wasn’t restored soon, and the temperatures started to drop, our wood fireplace insert’s fan wouldn’t work. So I ran down to our local TSC and picked this generator up. I also picked up a quart of the required 10W-30 Oil. The Quick start guide in the package made everything super easy to follow. During my lunch break I was able to get this generator, unbox it. Fill it up with the required oil, then put gas in it and after the second pull, it was running like a top. As stated in the directions, I got the generator running first (which was super easy) and then plugged both our big downstairs freezer in and our fridge freezer in our kitchen. Ran that until after work up to early evening then switched to our chest freezer on our porch. We never had our freezers thaw and wow what piece of mind this generator really gave to my family and I. This is an excellent product and I highly recommend it. IT ran beautifully and is very quiet too.

  10. Champion generator. I recently purchased a 2000 watt generator for our race team It works perfect and is really quiet everyon r at the track is happy no more loud generator the new champion generator is so quiet and starts first pull.

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