Champion 2000W Dual Fuel EZ Start Portable Generator

Champion 2000W Dual Fuel EZ Start Dial Portable Inverter Generator is another dual-fuel machine in the market. It can run on Gas or propane straight out of the box. The EZ Start Dial is also so easy to start the engine. This clean power Portable Inverter Generator is also great for sensitive equipment like a laptop or mobile. It’s powerful, so it’s also pretty noisy in its class.

Champion 2000W Dual Fuel EZ Start Dial Portable Inverter GeneratorChampion 2000W Dual Fuel EZ Start Dial Portable Inverter Generator can offer more than 10 hours on a full gas tank or 24 hours on a 20-pound propane tank. We think it’s more than enough so small need. Also, If you need more power, you may use another unit and connect both in s parallel. Just connect another inverter for increased total power. If you need a bit light one, then you can have a look at this Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Review.

Champion Power Equipment 2000-Watt Dual Fuel Stackable Portable Inverter Generator

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Champion 2000 Watt Dual Fuel EZ Start Inverter Generator, Champion Power Equipment

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Champion 2000W Dual Fuel EZ Start Portable Generator Review Summary

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This is Alex Behind this BestGenerator.Review. I have completed my Diploma in Electrical & Advanced Electrical from Apex Technical School, NYC. The School curriculum covers an introduction to the National Electric Code and includes an emphasis on electrical safety, breakers and fuses, blueprints, grounding, outlets, splicing, and bonding. Besides my job, I like to spend my time testing and playing with different electrical devices. Generators are one of my favorite machines.


  1. Good Product. I bought this for office backup when PG&E shuts power during wildfire season (dreaded PSPS). The generator is easy to handle, starts right up and is super quiet. Propane fuel makes it safe to store in an office with no chance of leaks, fuel tank fire danger, smells or angry landlord. Propane burns cleaner which makes storing for the winter easier. It powers the server, a half dozen workstations and the office fridge. The essentials for our small business office to operate. Wish Champion had a version that runs on natural gas for use at home. So do all my neighbors. I’m envisioning an propane/natural gas line of generators with no gas tank. Hint, hint, Champion marketing.

  2. Everything I was looking for. Love this inverter/generator, the thing I love most is the dual fuel capability, plan on taking this on a road trip this summer and I would rather carry around a propane tank than gasoline. It is extremely quiet and will do everything I need it to. I like that it came with the LPG connection and they even threw us a little 12v USB charger. I will be using this for multiple camping trips, boating trips, power tool and lighting needs throughout my property. I am very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend if you are on the fence about it.

  3. A sweet little useful unit. I use this unit mainly for camping. It starts easily and runs quietly and smoothly. I use it to maintain my camper battery charge and to run smaller appliances. I also have a Champion, electric start 3500 w inverter to operate my air conditioner. Both are great machines.

  4. BEST UNIT EVER FOR TRAVEL AND CAMPING! This Champion inverter generator is the ideal purchase for camping and long distance vacation travel. The fuel capacity will allow for many stops along the way for coffee, dinner and nighttime lighting and entertainment. Superbly designed for easy handling and storage, it fits right in with the compact needs of a travel generator. Remote light repairs are a breeze if power tools are needed in an emergency. Dual fuel use adds an extra dimension for more dependability. I absolutely recommend this unit to friends and relatives with no regrets.

  5. Great but hard to start on propane out of the box. I like it a lot over all will fit my needs for camping in my Pop-up trailer when there is no Electrical hook up. The only problem I had was it would not start for the first time on propane. I had to start it on gas. After that it ran fine on Propane every time until I shut it down by just closing the propane valve. I did this after the 5 hour break in and changed the oil. After adding the correct amount of new oil, I again had had trouble starting it on Propane. I added more Gasoline and it started up. I shut it down and then started it on propane and it ran fine there after. I mainly purchased this to run on propane because most of our camping is with electrical hook up. I will be camping soon and will have the gas tank at least half full in case I have issues starting with propane. Also in the instruction manual there are some confusing instructions/misprints on the propane start page concerning cold and hot starts .

  6. Get inverter generator for the next Texas Freeze. *Only used for initial break-in Period so far. Break-in was done very easily and proved how quite this little inverter generator is while running at load. It hooked up easily to a propane bottle and started/ran without issue for the few hours during break-in. Oil was replaced and “winterized” for long term storage. For my need, this dual fuel is perfect. I already have several filled propane bottle that last nearly forever and gasoline is always an alternative. Having grown up in SE Louisiana and knowing the value of a generator, this one using an alternative fuel source is valuable when gas stations may be down also. Just bear in mind that the max load is minimal but great for those just in case moments to run critical items.

  7. Great dual fuel inverter. I bought this generator to power small to medium appliances in the event of a weather event or camping. So far it works fantastic!!! The dual fuel system allows me too run gasoline or propane in an efficient manner. I’m looking forward to buying another one so I can run my RV

  8. This generator is amazingly simple yet so efficient I love i. I bought this unit for camping for it being quiet and let me tell u I had to keep checking on it cause I couldn’t hear it running and every time it was fine purring like a kitten starts up every pull and is as quiet as a dish washer def buy again!!!!!!!

  9. I love it and would buy another to link together. I use the generator inverter as backup for power outages. It is great for power for outdoor building where you need power.

  10. Awesome Product… Ready for the next power outage! Been waiting awhile for a reason to buy a generator when the last storm hit and completely killed the neighborhood’s system. This dual fuel generator is awesome and last a long time for it’s size. Loving the propane use and ease of storage. Blackouts let’s go!!

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