Champion 4500 Watt Generator Review

Before starting this Champion 4500 Watt Generator Review we test a few other inverters as well. Including Briggs & Stratton Q6500, Pulsar G450RN, and Westinghouse iGen4500.

Champion 4500 Watt Generator is a good generator if you need reliable power sources for e a few lights, fans, and internet Wifi powered up in the event of a power outage. This one is light and easy, and most importantly an inverter so as to have clean power for electronics and also dual fuel.

Champion’s 4500-watt inverter generator is a quiet, safe, and solid machine. Champion Power Equipment offers a product line including home standby generators, inverter generators, motors, winches, log splitters, and various other accessories.

10 things you should know about this Generator:

  • Power: 3500 Watts / 4500 Watts
  • Engine: 212cc
  • Run-time: 14 Hours @ 25% Load
  • Noise Level: 61 dBA
  • Outlets: 1 – 120V 30A, 2 – 120V 20A, 12V 8A DC
  • Fuel Tank: 2.3 Gallons
  • Size: 23.2 x 17.7 x 20.1 Inches
  • Weight: 97 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: Yes
  • Warranty: 3-Year
champion 4500 watt generator

Champion 4500 Watt Generator Review ware posted on – October 12, 2021. Last Updated – July 13, 2022

Expert Review Score – 4.65 Out of 5

User review on Amazon – 4.60 Out of 5 – 4.6K+ Customers

Briggs & Stratton Q6500

Quiet Power, Protective Shell
  • Power: 3700 Watts / 4500 Watts
  • Engine: 306cc
  • Run-time: 16 Hours
  • Noise Level: 61 dBA
  • Outlets: 4 – 120V 20A, 1 – 120/240V Twist-Lock, 2 – USB Port
  • Fuel Tank: 5 Gallon
  • Size: 25.5 x 21.1 x 21.4 Inches
  • Weight: 111.8 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: No
  • Warranty: 3-Year
  • User Rating: – 3.80 Out of 5 – 200+ Customers
  • Expert Score: – 3.90 Out of 5

Pulsar G450RN

Pulsar G450RN
3700 Watts Generator
  • Power: 3700/4500 Watts
  • Engine: 244cc
  • Run-time: 12 Hours
  • Noise Level: 64 dBA
  • Outlets: 1 – 120V 20A, 1 – 120V 30A, 1 – 12V 8A DC, 1 – USB outlets
  • Fuel Tank: 3.2 Gallons
  • Size: 27.5x21x23.5 In
  • Weight: 108 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: Yes
  • Warranty: 2-Year
  • User Rating: – 4.00 Out of 5 to 1K+ Customers
  • Expert Score: 4.5 Out of 5

Westingh iGen4500

Westinghouse iGen4500 inverter generators
Push Button, Remote Start
  • Power: 3700/4500 Watts
  • Engine: 224cc
  • Run-time: 15 Hours
  • Noise Level: 52 dBA
  • Outlets: 1 – 120V 30A, 2 – 120V 20A, 2 – 5VDC USB port
  • Fuel Tank: 3.4 Gallons
  • Size: 24.5×17.5×20 In
  • Weight: 93 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: Yes
  • Warranty: 3-Year
  • User Rating: – 4.40 Out of 5 – 4.7K Customers
  • Expert Score: 4.5 Out of 5

Champion 4500 Watt Generator Reviews

Champion 4500 Watt Generator Reviews and Price History

Output wattage

The Champion 4500 Watt Generator comes with a 212cc Champion engine which has a running power of 3500 Watts and starting power of 4500 Watts respectively. This means the generator can handle a 3500 Watts load at all times, but when it needs an extra power boost, it ramps up to 4500 Watts for a shorter period.

Innovative Quiet technology

An inverter is mainly known for the silent operation of the motor. Likewise, the noise level of this generator is approximately 61 dBA at a distance of 23 feet. When the load changes, the noise level changes. In any case, the engine noise will not disturb the normal conversion between two people. Therefore, this generator is suitable for outdoor use as it will not cause a nuisance to the public.

Dimensions and Portability

When fully assembled, the Champion 200987 measures 23.2 x 17.7 x 20.1 inches, making it a more compact option for those who don’t want to take up too much space with a portable generator.

The Champion 4500 Watt Generator weighs 97 pounds, which is lighter for portable generators of comparable power and size. However, it is still not a lightweight generator. Champion balances this volume with two wheels and a folding handle, making transportation easy and convenient.

Starting mechanism

Starting and stopping the engine is easy with EZ Smart Dial options. You can start the engine with manual recoil. Very importantly, this generator set is equipped with cold start technology to start the engine instantly.

If you are camping during the winter season, you will have no problem starting the generator. In addition, the Champion 4500 Watts generator comes with a key fob to start the generator remotely.

Tank Capacity and Runtime

The Champion Generator is gasoline-powered and runs on a 2.3-gallon fuel tank. This generator has a long run time, running for up to 14 hours at 25% load on a full tank of gas. As with any other portable generator, you should expect the average runtime to drop if you need to use a higher load to power multiple devices at the same time.

Control panel and power outlets

This generator comes with a built-in control panel. It contains all important operating switches and is easily accessible. There are a pair of 120V 20A outlets for connecting devices.

This inverter is suitable for RVs as it has a 120V 30A RV plug and has USB ports for charging the batteries. The highlight of the power panel is the intelligent display. Retrieves information about voltage, frequency, and operating time. Therefore, these real-time readings are helpful for the user in maintenance planning.

Parallel Capability

The Champion 4500 watt generator is designed with parallel capability, which means you can connect it to a similar or compatible 2800+ watt generator using the Champion parallel kit to produce even more power.

Champion 4500 Watt Generator Reviews and Price History

Maintenance and Certifications

No tools are required to operate this generator. Everything is available in one place (Control Panel). There is also an oil drain tube for proper oil filling without spilling. It is important to note that there are safety features such as a low oil level shut-off sensor that alerts the operator when the oil level is low. In addition, the fuel gauge shows the fuel level. This allows you to store gasoline and oil in advance. Champion’s 4500W generator is eco-friendly and helps keep the atmosphere clean. It is CARB compliant and EPA approved.


The Champion 200987 Power Equipment 4500 Watt Generator is equipped with two circuit breakers to protect your generator from overload. It also shuts off automatically if the oil level gets too low.


Champion 4500 Watt Generator describes this 4500W inverter generator as “ultra-quiet” and it’s no secret why. At 61 dBA from 23 feet, the Champion is as loud as normal conversation or background music. The owners have confirmed that this machine runs quietly, so you don’t have to worry about staying up at night when camping.

If you need more quiet ones then Champion has an option for you. Though the power production capacity will be around 2KW. If that’s okay with you then you should visit the Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews page,

Warranty and customer service

With too many impressive features, this generator comes at an affordable price. It comes with an extended three-year warranty. Additionally, Champion 4500 Watt Generator offers an excellent 24/7 technical support team.

Some important Documentation of Champion 200987 Generator:

Champion provides a User Manual, Start guide, and Parts information to all of their Inverter Generator user, Check out this link to get the pdf.

RV-ready portable generator and pros and cons

Yes, the champion 4500-watt portable inverter generator is another RV-ready. read the Pros and cons in the review section below.

Champion 4500 Watt Generator Reviews

4500 Watt Champion Inverter Generator provides plenty of power during power outages. While this generator comes with advanced features, the champion 4500-watt generator price is cheap. You can double the power output by connecting generators of the same size.

We found high customer ratings for this champion 4500 generator tractor supply and Amazon.  It has a lot of happy users for its performance, durability, noise levels, and warranty. You can expect significant features like information and cold start technology from any other generator for the same price. You can see the champion 4500 Generator for sale at a lower price too.

In addition, its perfect design ensures low decibel levels to provide peace of mind to customers. While there is a three-year warranty, you can extend the life of your generator by scheduling proper maintenance. You can find the best deals on eCommerce websites.

Champion power equipment 4500watt Bad side

  • You may need to connect the device to a grounded 4+’ copper ground rod.
  • Champion 200987 is not a dual fuel portable inverter generator

Champion portable inverter generator FAQ and cons pros

How loud is a Champion 4500-watt generator?

This generator is relatively quiet in its class While operating we found it makes around 60-61 dBA from 25 feet distance. This is as loud as a normal conversation.

Champion 4500-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

$1,025.00  in stock
as of September 29, 2023 6:28 pm

Champion 4500 Watt Portable Generator Price History

Champion 4500-Watt Portable Inverter Generator, Champion Power Equipment

Price: $899.00
as of September 29, 2023 6:28 pm
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Price History


Current Price $899.00 September 29, 2023
Highest Price $975.73 April 29, 2023
Lowest Price $746.50 July 10, 2023
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Last price changes

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Champion 4500 Watt Portable Generator Review Summary


  1. Starts right-up, quiet running, works well on both fuels. The electric start is great. Fires right up! Easy to move and setup. Ran it on propane during the break-in period and used it a week later during a 4 hour power outage running it on gas. It’s quieter than a lawnmower. Bought another one for my parents in Texas.

  2. Great for RV. This is the perfect generator for our travel trailer. It runs everything including the AC without difficulty. We love that it runs on propane. The two of us were able to lift it onto our Trailer Tray without any trouble. Quiet too, so we don’t bother our fellow campers. We should mention that we haven’t tried running it on gasoline, and don’t plan to.

  3. Codeman1988 says:

    This is a great product would definitely buy again. The dual fuel is awesome I use this for my travel trailer love the electric start just all in all super simple product

  4. Christina says:

    Dual Fuel. I love that this runs on propane and gas. The break-in and oil change was pretty simple. It is heavier, but the pop up handle makes it easy to move once it is on the ground. It is fairly quiet and starts easy with the hand pull. We have a Honda that wasn’t quite enough, so this is a reasonable upgrade in power with the added bonus of dual fuel.

  5. Perfect RV generator. Recently purchased for my 26ft travel trailer and runs the whole thing no problem. The AC only puts me at 50% capacity at 5000ft elevation. Couldn’t be happier!

  6. Paul's portable power says:

    Works as detailed. I bought this as an emergency generator. I also roll it around my property so I can use electric power equipment. I only have use propane and it works great. Easy start, quiet as described and runs any equipment I have tried. I am happy with my purchase, it is exactly as the specs have mentioned.

  7. Great! First off, love the dual fuel. As soo as I got it, I unpacked Otto check it over. Hooked up the propane line, waited a second, then tried turning it on for the first time. Turned right over!! And I cannot believe how truly quiet this generator is. So glad I opted for the Champion over some other brands, some cheaper, some more expensive.

  8. Nice Product. I bought this for use during hurricanes. Have not had a chance to use under those conditions yet. I did put the oil in and ran it 5 hours for breakin. It ran very nice and smooth. I used Propane which will be my preference. I feel its a top notch product

  9. Great dual fuel inverter generator! After the issues, Texas had last winter with long power outages I decided I needed a method of backup power for a few home items. I needed a generator that would power a fridge, freezer, electric skillet, slow cooker plus a few lights. It would also need to charge my CPAP backup battery and cell phones.

    I had no intent on using a transfer switch to connect the generator into the house circuit but instead would run everything off extension cords connected to the generator. the generator would only be used to supply emergency power during long electric utility outages. After research on the internet, I ordered the model 200991 from one of the big box stores.

    It had good reviews and the dual power capability provides nice options for fueling the generator. The generator was delivered within a week and arrived well protected in a sturdy box with lots of foam padding. After reading all directions and reviewing comments I went thru the set-up procedure and connected a propane tank for fuel. The unit fired UP the first push of the electric starter button. I proceeded to run the unit thru its 5hr breakin period.

    As suggested in the instructions I varied the power loading during breakin by adjusting the level on the electric skillet and adding/removing other loads as needed. About 1/2 way thru the breakin I noticed the Intelligauge meter screen went blank.

    I turned off the generator for about 1 min and restarted. Intelligauge was now displaying correctly. After 30-40 minutes of running the gauge again went blank. The generator was putting out power fine the only thing was the gauge was blank. The next day I called Champion support and with the help of their technician troubleshot the issue and decided to replace the Intelligence. Champion has a video showing how to do this gauge replacement.

    The new gauge arrived in 2 days via FedEx and it only took me 10 minutes to swap it out. Fired the generator back up and ran it for several hours with no gauge issue. Very satisfied with this unit and Champion Support.

  10. Great product. Used for first time this past two weeks, used only propane. This unit was very quiet, best generator I have owned.will replace it with another if needed

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