DuroMax XP10000E Gas Portable Generator

The DuroMax XP10000E is another easy setup out of the box. We put some oil and gas in it, and it fired up and ran for over 9 hours before turning it off for the night. In the morning, it started again and ran for a few more hours without any problems. We have a whole house generator that runs on natural gas to power our house, but it is not working. We were able to get someone to fix it, so we’ll be using my whole house generator until the power comes back. DuroMax XP10000E review for more detailed information. Check out another review here.

DuroMax XP10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator

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  • Powerful DuroMax engine: a 439cc OHV DuroMax Engine powers The XP10000E Gas powered technology: run your generator with gasoline for long-lasting power.
  • Plenty of power: with 10,000 starting watts and 8,000 running watts, this unit can handle heavy loads from lights, refrigerators, home conditioners and high amperage power tools.
  • Maximum power: with DuroMax MX2 technology, get the maximum power from each of the 120 volt receptacle. Choose between operating the generator at both 120 V and 240 V Simultaneously, or at 120 only with full power.
  • Powering everyone anywhere: like all DuroMax generators, the XP10000E is EPA and CARB approved for all 50 States

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DuroMax XP10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator, DuroMax

Price: $713.46
as of July 24, 2023 9:12 am
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  1. Easy to set up and run. Price is reasonable. I took a few days to carefully set it up but all went well. I tested it today. I hooked up a propane tank. Even though I was supposed to leave the choke open for a cold engine, I pushed it a little and then it started right away. After running a minute of two, I opened the choke and it ran smoothly. I added several lamps for a test load and that worked great. Product is excellent.

  2. Patrick M, Albany Ga. Great machine. Very happy with the short delivery time. Very little set-up time. Machine does not come with engine oil, make sure you fill prior to running. I ran the machine with gas for the first start up. Full choke and about 10 seconds of cranking, started right up. Tested with propane for the second start-up, no choke, pressed the purge valve on the regulator for two seconds, engine started right up. Both starts the machine ran smoothly without vibration. A voltage meter showed correct voltage for all outlets.

  3. DuroMax 10000w Hybrid Generator. Assembly of wheel kit was okay. I had to use two hydraulic floor Jack’s to raise the 264lb system. The startup went great. The final test to transfer power to my 120v air compressor was successful. I highly recommend DuroMax brand as reliable and robust!

  4. Good Quality. So far so good.

    I am a little concerned about the 20 hour service intervals, but this is a small unit designed for emergency power so I guess that is to be expected.

  5. mrscravette says:

    Works beautifully. After 3 power outages lasting more than 2 days, all in 2020 adding to the misery of the pandemic, I bought this generator last September 2020. I had a generlink transfer switch installed on my electrical meter. First power outage yesterday and hold and behold, I fired the generator and it worked like a charm. I did not miss a beat and was able to continue working with no problem. I built a little shed to house it close to the meter so I do not have to wheel it in bad weather or deep snow. I keep the roof closed and the 3 sides opened. My neighbors said like it sounded like a far away lawn mower. I could hardly hear it in the house. I am very happy and prepared

  6. Carlos From Texas says:

    Nice generator for house back up power. Great generator and delivery. I ordered it online and it arrived within a week. I put it together and test started it. It started up immediately on propane. I tested it a few more times and it continued to start easily. I’ll eventually get a transfer switch installed to power my house but I’m ready now for the next power outage.

  7. Camping Power Up The Ying Yang ! So far so good ! For what i use it for , minimal camp usage But the power is there Easy set up Quick delivery Reseaonably priced for the amount of wattage put out

  8. Rim issues. Well all is good so far except, the rims the tires come on bent as soon as I put them on generator. Looks like they are not sturdy enough to handle the weight. I have a call in to the supplier to see if they will replace. Let’s see how they handle.

  9. DuroMax XP1200HX generator. Easy to finish assembly. Directions are very straight forward. Added oil and fuel and it started on the second try. Have not tested under load, but it seems well built. It wasn’t near as load as I had anticipated. I’m very satisfied with the purchase.

  10. Exceeded my expectation. The entire process was very straight forward from contact to delivery on our driveway. The entire purchase was very smooth and the speed of delivery was quicker than anticipated. The generator arrived in excellent condition, assembly of the rolling stock required no special knowledge or tools. We have not used the generator yet, but I do not not anticipate any issues. Excellent experience.

  11. Rollie Benzow says:

    XP 12000 HX. So far it’s good. Have not had all the wiring completed yet, so have not had the full test! Happy with it at this point.

  12. My First. haven’t had a chance to run the generator, it was easy to set up. Looks good hoping that it does what I need it to do.my

  13. MSG Halfmast says:

    10,000 EH. Bought it a month and a half ago, used it yesterday, to drill a hole into my block to put in a generator box, it work great loving the machine so far

  14. Great Generator. I bought this a couple weeks ago it was pretty easy to unpack and put together. It was easy to put the oil in and to check everything and to start it I am running mine on propane only and love it. Hopefully I don’t need it this hurricane season but if I do this will power my whole house.

  15. DureoMax 12kw duel fuel is awesome! Well built (survived a cross country haul on a common carrier) and great design!

  16. Just received and LOVE the generator. I just received this generator this morning. It was easy to assemble the few items required (wheels,Handles, pads) I hooked up the propane, hit the start button and she took right off! MUCH quieter than my 30 year old generator this replaced. Have not hooked to the house yet for a test but will as soon as my cord arrives.
    Instructions were great and clear.

  17. 12,000KW. I bought the Generator about a year ago but have not had the opportunity to use it till Hurricane IAN took out the power for our house and I’ve had this 12,000 running for about 15 hours a day and the only thing it needs is oil so make sure you keep checking oil level… the Generator is designed to use a little oil….But it has powered 3 Iceboxes (Fridge) , A/C and Fans also TV, I turn A/C off when I want to turn on Hot Water Heater… but so far Great Product… Wish y’all made a20,000 KW

  18. Happy with the product but shipping sucks. The generator is great but it set in a warehouse for 4 days while I needed it for a hurricane

  19. MSG Halfmast says:

    Old retired 63H40, who was once a 52D. Bought the XP 10,000EH as a backup generator for my XP 12,000EH. Am impressed with DuroMax engineering. Especially copper windings being used. Live in an area that is rural, and will supply fuel from a 330 gallon propane tank with a short run to the generator through some 3/4 inch hose. At a time when Regular gasoline 87 octane fuel is a threatened commodity that is rising in price I have chose to operate with propane. Storing gasoline becomes a problem if stored over 3 years even if you are using a stabilizer, and besides that I may need any stored fuel to operate my vehicle on. Propane runs much cleaner, lasts for a long time if stored, and is yours if it is in your tank. Will only be using these generators if there is a power outage, or emergency where I need to keep my refrigerator, freezers, and some lights, or fans running. I know that these two will provide more kilowatts then I intend to use, and will still not be overloaded!

  20. Greatful Tedd says:

    Great generator, horrible shipper. The generator is great quality, good instructions. I own several brands of generators and Duromax is the best of them. I only complaint is the shipping. The box was damaged, but did not seem extreme. When I began assembly there were a lot of dents to motor housing, generator housing and frame. Nothing that effects the operation, but the shipper was awfully rough to damage the frame. Because of the good quality of the generator I decided to keep it anyway. Straightened what I could and left the rest. It started right up. When own a farm with equipment that has to keep running during power outages and the Duromax with aid us. I would have given 5 stars but for the shipping. I recommend the generator and hope they will change shippers.

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