DuroMax XP2000EH Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Review

The DuroMax XP2000EH SideKick Dual Fuel Inverter Generator may be a good option if you’re searching for a portable, compact propane generator. While running, this generator puts out 1600 watts instead than 2000 when it first starts. With a built-in grip and a manageable weight of about 47 lbs, this propane generator is the most versatile one that is currently available. The most adaptable propane generator on the market is this one.

In an emergency, the SideKick can power a food cart, run a television, and operate other appliances. Additionally, it offers sufficient power to operate a number of your power equipment, including a portable table saw, an electric chain saw, and others.

The XP2000EH is regarded as a user-friendly device with a recoil start and high-leverage handles, making it rapid and easy to maneuver. It is designed for straightforward and safe usage. Thanks to the newly developed responsive pull-start that decompresses before each start, starting this little gas generator is comparatively simple.

Two generators may be daisy-chained together to generate 4000W of electricity thanks to built-in parallel connectors. The XP2000EH features a 12V 8 amp output, similar to the Honda EU2000i inverter generator, which enables you to safely charge your 12V deep cycle batteries without utilizing a specialized battery charger.

The DuroMax XP2000EH sidekick can run for 24 hours with 50% load on a 20lb tank (800W). It is, in our opinion, the ideal camping or worksite companion for deep cycle battery charging. It’s the best little generator we’ve discovered, with a 3-year residential limited manufacturer’s guarantee.

The twofold fuel capacity of this generator contributes to its reputation as a particularly adaptable one. There probably won’t be many 2000W dual fuel inverter generators available. Additionally, DuroMax created a fantastic model to appeal to customers that appreciate the versatility of employing gas or propane in a small package.

Features of DuroMax XP2000EH Dual Fuel Generator

Power of DuroMax XP2000EH Generator:

Two thousand starting watts and 1600 running watts are more than enough for camping trips. This amount of power also comes in handy during power outages, as most of your virtual devices can be used.


You don’t need wheels to transport this object around because it weighs only 53 pounds. This generator’s incorporated handles make transportation easier. You may also keep it at home without the associated equipment, but this will take up a lot of room.

Dual Fuel:

This device may be powered by either gasoline or propane. This is a fantastic feature because both fuels are easily accessible and reasonably priced. Additionally available for purchase and storage are propane and gasoline.

Parallel Feature:

This feature allows you to link two generators together to double the power. To do this yourself at home, a parallel kit can be purchased.

Low-Oil Shut-off:

The generator automatically shuts off when it notices that the oil level is low. This lessens the strain on the generator and aids in preserving the equipment’s functionality for a longer period of time.


You receive cleaner, more responsive electricity in this mode, which is also safe for electrical devices. Additionally, this reliable, clean power is less polluting and healthier for the environment.

But why should you choose a dual-fuel generator?

The propane hookup may cost you more, but many customers think it’s worth the extra money. Because propane is among the cleanest burning fuels, it is beneficial for the environment. It emits less carbon dioxide. Although utilizing propane provides a number of extra advantages, they will have an impact on how frequently you use the generator.

The use of propane provides a significant advantage for both storage and transportation. When propane is put in a tank, it ultimately becomes compressed and turns into gas. As a result, you can transport and store more petroleum in a smaller container. You need to compare the runtime you get from 20 LBS of propane with 1.3 gallons of gas to determine how feasible this is. 20 hours on propane versus 8 hours on gas is a significant difference.

DuroMax XP2000EH Generator Final Words

This Duromax XP2000EH review ought to have satisfied you by this point that this is the generator you should own. This generator is a fantastic travel companion and will endure for many years. Everyone at home needs a generator that is so compact and effective

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  1. in awe !! I cant believe how efficient this little guy is [yes it has a cast iron sleeve] and the idea it works on propane is astounding to me ! Its a money saver indeed and works perfect for remote usage of my stand/cart and I also love the idea DuroMax is assembled in Puerto Rico where my late wife was born and she would be so proud of that these gems are assembled in Puerto Rico thank you DuroMax ;_)

    Mr Teddy

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