Firman P03603 4550/3650 Watt Gas Remote Start Generator

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FIRMAN 4550/3650W Recoil Start Generator, Firman Generators

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Firman 4550 Generator Review Summary


  1. Terranova259 says:

    Great generator, Small fault. This is a great generator but it has what I think is a small fault. There must be one company that is mass producing gas tanks and many other companies are using these tanks on their equipment. I have the same type of tank on a few other generators and they all are annoying to fill because the gas filling inlet is down somewhat lower than the top surface of the tank. Plus there is a screen filter in the neck that is supported on a flat surface just down inside the neck. This flat surface causes the gas is spill up and out unless you pour extremely slowly. Even being very careful is difficult because the filling neck is down so low and is in the center of the tank. I guess I would ask,, “Who wants gas spilt all over the top of their generator?”

  2. Does what I need. We needed a genny that was easy to start and fuel efficient. Our existing genny is difficult to pull start, heavy to move and burns fuel inefficiently. Right out of the box, the Firman battery was easy to connect and it started instantly with the remote. I’ve lost track of the hours as we lose power at the cottage frequently. The best comments came from the guys at the hunt camp where, by the end of two weeks, we only ran the Firman. It powers a kitchen fridge for 17+ hours on one tank with room to spare. The quiet operation made it perfect for powering one hunter’s night time medical equipment. It’s light weight, efficient and quieter than other genny’s I’ve owned. The price was great to. After sitting all winter, it needed a battery charge, but it started right away.

  3. Dogwaller says:

    Great product but Firman dropped the ball on follow up. I love the generator and it serves it’s purpose in powering my camper. The remote on/off feature is awesome. However, I attempted to fill out the warranty info online and never received any information back from your Company. I made two attempts, so I figured it was an issue on your side. I just wanted to be notified that you had received my information and registration of my product.

  4. Ivulture55 says:

    Great service! Had issues to start with bad part, to start, was shipped replacement immediately! Great Service. Love the generator, starts instantly runs smoothly, couldn’t be Happier!

  5. Very happy with our Firman! We purchased our Firman generator P03603 primarily for camping. But it’s also there for some peace of mind if there is a power outage so we could plug in our freezer. While I have very little experience with generators to begin with (this is my first one), I am very satisfied with this one. It has a remote start which allows me to easily start/stop the generator from a window in our camper. While I would not say this is whisper quiet, I also would not say it’s very loud. The noise doesn’t bother me and becomes more like background noise. Customer service has been amazing. I had contacted them to purchase a new remote fob as ours had a tragic ending. I was sent one immediately free of charge. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had service like that. I would purchase another Firman generator.

  6. Great buy! Happy with the purchase for my first generator. Love the remote start not having to go outside to turn on and off. Good Watts for price. Runs long time off 5 gallons, looks great, runs great, easy to use with plenty of connections. Handle to pull around to move is great also. Comes with everything needed. I liked it came with oil and funnel, easy to check oil. Battery lasts long time even in cold mountain temps. Haven’t had to pull start yet. Sound is quieter than most which is nice with quiet muffler. 3 year warranty is nice also. I would recommend this brand to others

  7. great generator works great excellent customer service. i use mine for 5 months out of the year for 4 to 6 hours a day and going on my 3th year as a camp host with no problem’s

  8. worked like a champ. lost power to the house made an adapter cord and back fed the circuit breaker in the house and powered all 110volt items so both fridges, tv and satellite and most lights.. ran like a champ. ran 3 days straight.

  9. I would buy this product again and recommend friends to buy. I have my house furnace rewire to connect to generator , in case of power failure in Canada, We can still have heat to our house.

  10. Remote starting. The remote works great, what they don’t tell you is you is according to the instructions you are supposed to pull the plug to take the load off before starting and before shutting down making a remote start redundant.

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