Firman p03608 Remote Start Gas Portable Generator

We have used Firman p03608 Remote Start Gas Portable Generator for camping during hunting season. The remote start is so lovely. We debated whether or not we needed it or just wanted that feature, but in the end, we bought it, and we were so glad we did. What a great feature in the cold mornings when you don’t want to have to go outside. Starts right up. Shuts off nicely. I enjoyed this. I bought the cover to go with it. Works great. We will add a detailed review soon. In the meantime, you can also read some of our other generator reviews.

Firman P03608 4550/3650 Watt Remote Start Gas Portable Generator

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  • FIRMAN Performance Generator
  • Start Type: Recoil/Electric/Remote
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Running (Rated) Watts: 3650
  • Starting (Surge) Watts: 4550

Firman p03608 Remote Start Gas Portable Generator from Walmart

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Firman P03608 4550/3650 Watt Remote Start Gas Portable Generator, Firman Generators

Price: $679.99
as of March 17, 2023 10:37 pm
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  1. Sweet unit. Bought it for my fifth wheel RV. Did a test and worked perfectly! Can’t wait to actually use it and power the AC, etc.

  2. Fred aka Paw Paw

    Highly recommended generator!!!! After hours and hours of researching generators for features that are important to me I finally found what I was looking for with the Firman PO3501 at a price point that is an unbeatable value. To me, value equals the quality you get in return for what you pay. The quality & features packed in this gen set far out way the cost, making it an excellent value in my opinion. This generator package includes a cover, wheel kit, fuel gauge, 5 gallon fuel tank, oil, tools, funnel, on board lcd monitor screen which displays hour, frequency, voltage& low oil shut down. It also has a bottle opener…. who does that? Firman did! I purchased this generator for emergency back up power and have connected it to my home’s electric box via an interlock kit & L5-30 to L14-30 adapter cord. This method allows the flexability of turning on necessary circuits during a power outage. It has run at the same time all the lcd lights inside and out of the house, 5 ceiling fans, 2 exhaust fans in the restrooms, refrigerator, 1 6000 BTU window ac, 4 lcd tv’s & cable boxes and does not skip a beat. The lights do flicker a little when I turn on the garbage disposal, but that’s only when all the above mentioned were turned on at the same time. Of course during a power outage the generator will see more of a conservative demand of power usage. I just wanted to see what the generator could power and it far exceeded my expectations. Each time, the generator takes very little effort to start and is very quite, not silent by any means but very quite. My wife and I can have a normal conversation without either one of us raising our voices. So far I have only put 25 hrs on it for breaking in purposes. At the 5hr mark the oil was changed with conventional 10w-30 & at the 25hr mark the oil was changed with 10w-30 Mobil 1 full synthetic and it seams to have quited the generator a little more. If you’re on the fence about buying this generator or any Firman generator do yourself a favor and just buy it!!!

  3. Excellent investment. This generator runs so smooth, it’s incredible. Naturally you can hear it, it’s an internal combustion engine. You can stand next to it when it’s running and have a conversation without yelling. Right out of the box, Added oil & gas, one pull on choke, one more pull with choke off and it started. 🙂 We do the beaches along Lake Huron and it just makes it very comfortableThis replaces the 30 year old generator that was in the motorhome and never worked. I added the drawer rails and I love it.

  4. Started first attempt! Very happy with my purchase. Used it on a fishing trip to charge the batteries of electric trolling motors… and cell phones…no problem… will use it at countryhome as a rescue during storms and power outage

  5. Started first attempt! Very happy with my purchase. Used it on a fishing trip to charge the batteries of electric trolling motors… and cell phones…no problem… will use it at countryhome as a rescue during storms and power outage

  6. Support from FIRMAN solved a problem with my new HO3651 3650. I purchased a new Firman 3650 Watt Dual Fuel Electric start generator in mid-May. It ran out of the box on gasoline only. It would start then immediately sputter out when switching to Propane. I contacted FIRMAN support and after a couple of emails I received a direct call and discussion on my problems. They diagnosed a faulty regulator (rarely happens on new parts, but things can go wrong). They sent out two new regulators. One was the external regulator and hose that hooks up to the propane tank. The other is a secondary regulator located on the machine near the eternal hose attachment. The tech staff recommended that I swap out the external first and if that did not correct the issue, then swap out the machine regulator. The new parts arrived here in Canada from their home base in the US within 24 hours. I swapped the external regulator for the new replacement one and the generator now fires up and runs smoothly on either of the dual fuels that I select. I am very pleased with the generator and the support from Firman and will recommend them to any of my friends.

  7. I was pleasently suprised how well the generator performed. I purchased the duel fuel generator with electric start. I startes everytime and gives me all the power needed to charge my batteries and runs everything in my RV.

  8. Very satisfied! Just had a tornado here in Ottawa, Canada. Had the generator in the garage, still brand new in the box. Unpacked it, put the wheels and handlebar on, filled it with oil and gas and it fired up first pull. It’s now been running close to 30 hrs non-stop like a champ.

  9. I would purchase this product again and have recommended my. Picked up my Firman, not too heavy, easy instructions to follow the unpacking and setup and testing. I am very happy with the product. Purchased it mainly for prolonged power outages to keep my fridge, freezer and a few lights and not to forget my coffee maker running in the event of a power outage. But, I don’t wait for a power outage, I test it regularly when I need to run some power tools. It helps keep it “Ready for use”

  10. Generator PO3501. The PO3501 I recently purchased to run a heat dish,microwave and furnace if needed.This generator will boil a kettle of water and run 2 skill saws at the same time as I tried it.This is what I need for a backup when the power may go out.Its got a lot of features my bigger generator doesn’t have like the fuel gauge,volt meter and running time meter that I like.I was impressed that a wheel kit,cover ,funnel and accessories came with it also.I tried a few things to run on it and it works great.Its still new but so far what it does and works great. People make the mistake not knowing exactly what type of generator they really need before buying one.

  11. Firmin Power. Love my new generator and the price is right and has a decent warranty

  12. Good back up generator for a good price. I use this to run two sump pumps, a fridge and a freezer (not all at the same time) during power failures.

  13. Great generator. Good customer service

  14. The Generator is very well put together and easy to use. The handle stores well but super positive when deployed. Gauges easy to read, covered receptacles keep dust out, long running. A very well laid out package for this price point.

  15. Peace of Mind. I’m recently purchased my Firman 3550 power generator for peace of mind. We are not without a couple of power outages a year usually noy lasting very long. I have toyed with the thought of having an emergency power supply. Recently we had a power outage that lasted 8+ hours. After this scare I pulled the trigger and researched power generators. The Firman seemed to be the best option for us, Firman is known for reliability, longevity of the equipment and add on options that are reasonably priced. Now I can’t wait for the next power outage and put my new Firman to use. By the way did I tell you it also comes with a cover to keep it dust free while not in use and it has 14 hours of run time with less than 65 db of noise so it is camp ground approved.

  16. First generator purchased, so far Ok. Plan to use generator to run small bedroom air conditioner and house refrigerator during power failures. Tested with these items and it worked well. Firman generator is easy to operate and start, has the size, weight and wattage that I was looking for.

  17. Good generator. Cold start is one or 2 pulls. When it’s hot and you try to restart, it’s a bear to get it going again. When it runs, it runs great. Relatively quiet. I used it to power my airless paint sprayer while painting 1/3 of a mile of horse fencing, so when I moved my sprayer I turned the generator off. From here on out, the generator and sprayer will be on a trailer, and I will keep it running.

  18. Great Customer Service!!!! I plan to use this to run my furnace and a couple more circuits for when the power goes out. We also do some camping, and I work for myself, so I’ll always have power if/when needed. This unit came with a fully charged battery and it started immediately when I used a regulator that worked. The only disappointments were that the propane regulator it came with, did NOT work. I noticed this in a previous customer review. I reached a customer service rep through online chat, and I had a new one at my door in less than 2 weeks. Firman: Please make sure these work when your product goes out. You have an amazing thing going. Also it came with less than the recommended amount of oil, although this wasn’t a huge issue as I only use synthetic. These are the only reasons I give it 4 starts. The product itself is awesome.

  19. Great customer service. I got a great deal on this generator, however, when it arrived and I got it assembled and running there was a fuel leak. I called the company and a gentleman took my info and I received a replacement part within a few days. Great customer service.

  20. Good Purchase. a nice generator big enough for my needs when power outages here

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