Ford FG3050P Portable Generator

We bought this Ford FG3050P Portable Generator. This great item, they did a good job updating the old 2 prong alligator clip to a cigarette-style outlet for charging batteries. I see another gentleman thought you could use this to charge items as a car would, you should know better if you are buying a generator. No, you cannot charge items like you can a car, no you cannot charge a laptop or other sensitive electronics, that is what inverter generators are for.

The Ford FG3050P is a small open frame generator with 2500 watts of power and a maximum output of 3050 watts. It is a dependable backup power source for any situation and a capable workhorse.

The frame is both small and durable, and it was built with mobility in mind, making it simple and convenient for you to store and move your generator.

Who can use this Generator?

In short, the Ford FG3050P is a compact portable generator that is especially useful for Those who like camping and tailgating and wish to have electricity available everywhere may consider doing the following:

In case of a power outage, homeowners want to make certain they can run essential appliances like refrigerators, stoves, heaters, and lighting.

The next sections will provide you with a detailed introduction to its power characteristics, the many outputs it provides, its general mobility, the extra features you’ll get to use, and all the pertinent information on emissions compliance.

How much power can we get, and How much time can this Generator run?

The Ford FG3050P’s 180cc 4-stroke Ducar OHV engine. It gives 120V, 2500W power, and a peak output of 3050W while running on gasoline. The generator features a straightforward, conventional starting system. It has a 68 dBA noise rating (less noisy than an office).

The 4-gallon fuel capacity of the FG3050P allows it to run for around 11 hours at 50% load (corresponding to approximately 0.36 GPH fuel usage).

Number of Outlets

The control panel has the following 2 sockets:

  • Double Sided 120V 20A (5-20R)

It also has three DC outputs: two 5V USB ports and a 12V 8A socket (cigarette lighter type), which you may use to conveniently charge batteries and electrical devices like tablets and smartphones.

Portability of the Generator

With its dimensions of L23.3 x W17.2 x H18.5 in, the conventional, open frame design of the Ford FG3050P offers stability and allows the generator to be raised above ground level. The featured design is ideal for the outdoors and all tough environments.

With a dry weight of 92 lbs, the FG3050P can easily follow you wherever your power needs are. Moreover, its open frame design makes it incredibly easy to grab the frame to change its location.

Features we like about this machine

 A digital data center, one of the features of the FG3050P’s control panel, allows for monitoring the state and activity of the device and offers statistics on the lifespan run hours.

The generator enables you to quickly, simply, and readily check the gas level at a glance due to an integrated fuel gauge. This device has automatic low oil shut-off and overload protection (circuit breaker) for your safety, giving you complete peace of mind when using it.

Apart from the typical documentation and an owner’s manual(opens in a new tab), which lets you start it right away, the Ford FG3050P is also packed with the following accessories: tool kit, oil, and funnel.

Warranty information

The Ford FG3050P is covered under warranty for up to 2 years. This warranty may be limited and may not cover all generator parts. For more information about the warranty of Ford generators, please get in touch with Ford Customer Support.

Ford FG3050P comparison with other

The following graphs show how some of the Ford FG3050P’s important specifications compare to those other generators with comparable power (between 2000 and 3000 W).

The Ford FG3050P weighs 92 pounds, which is within the range of the weight of generators with rated wattages between 2000 and 3000. If weight is your major concern, the Westinghouse iGen2500, which weighs only 46.3 pounds, is one of the best in its power category.

This generator and its lowest noise emission of 68 dBA are noisier than other devices able to produce a similar operational power. If you’d prefer a less noisy device, the Honda EU3000iS, whose lowest noise levels only exceed 50 dBA, is one of the quietest devices that has a similar power range to this one.

The FG3050P fits within the typical autonomy range for generators of comparable power because it provides around 11 hours of operation time on a full tank at 50% load. The Westinghouse WGen2000, which offers about 20 hours of runtime, is one of the generators with nearly the same power output and the maximum level of autonomy.

While the run duration is significant, it also heavily depends on the fuel tank’s capacity and is meaningless if fuel consumption is not also discussed. Within the range of wattage above, this generator is not the most fuel-efficient; at 50% load, it is predicted to use 0.36 GPH of gasoline. If you’re not happy with the fuel consumption above, you might want to look into the Westinghouse iGen2500. It is one of the most effective generators on the market right now, using just 0.13 GPH of fuel.

Ford FG3050P M Series 3050W Peak 2500W Rated Portable Gas-Powered Generator

$799.00  in stock
as of October 2, 2022 5:48 am


  • Peak Wattage 3050 watts, rated output 2500 watts
  • Engine: 208cc with 7 HP
  • 4 gallon tank with 11 hour run time
  • 1/120V 20A Duplex, 1/Cigarette, 2/USB Outlets
  • Digital hour meter

Ford FG3050P Portable Generator from Walmart

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Ford FG3050P M Series 3050W Peak 2500W Rated Portable Gas-Powered Generator, Ford

Price: $799.00
as of October 2, 2022 5:48 am
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