Ford Generator FG5250PBR Review and Price

Welcome to Ford Generator FG5250PBR Review and Price history Page. The Ford FG5250PBR is a powerful 224cc 4-Stroke, OHV engine alternator ideal for light to medium workloads. This Dual Fuel Portable Generator can be operated with gasoline or LPG. When powered by gasoline, it can generate 4,250 watts of rated power and a peak power of 5,250 watts. When running on propane, it has a rated power of 3800 watts and a peak power of 4750 watts as standard.

The Ford generator allows you to use both LPG and petrol because it has a double tank. The unit automatically switches between LPG and gasoline if a source runs out during use. As for its range, along with a fuel capacity of 4 liters, the FG5250PBR can operate for about 11 hours at a load of 50% on a full fuel tank. If propane is used, it can run for 9 hours.

Like most modern alternators, the Ford FG5250PBR has an automatic voltage regulation mechanism. The function will help regulate draft, increase machine uptime and save money on gasoline.

Comparison Between Ford Generator FG5250PBR and Others

Pulsar PG5250B

Pulsar PG5250B
  • Power: 4750 Watts / 5250 Watts
  • Engine: 224cc
  • Run-time: 12 Hours
  • Noise Level: 70 dBA
  • Outlets: 2 – 120V 20A, 120/240V AC Twist-Lock, 120V 30A RV
  • Fuel Tank: 4 Gallons
  • Size: 24 x 18.1 x 19.9 Inches
  • Weight: 115 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: Yes
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • User Rating: – 4.20 Out of 5 to 150+ Customers
  • Expert Score: – 4.30 Out of 5

DuroMax XP5500EH

DuroMax XP5500EH
Electric Start-Camping & RV Ready
  • Power: 5000 Watts / 5500 Watt
  • Engine: 224cc
  • Run-time: 8 Hours
  • Noise Level: 67 dBA
  • Outlets: 2 – 120V 20A, 120/240V 30A RV, 12V DC Charge Port
  • Fuel Tank: 4 Gallons
  • Size: 22 x 25 x 22 Inches
  • Weight: 142 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: No
  • Warranty: 3-Year
  • User Rating: – 4.50 Out of 5 – 6.5K+ Customers
  • Expert Score: – 4.60 Out of 5

Pulsar PG5250

Portable Power Machine
  • Power: 4250 Watts / 5250 Watts
  • Engine: 224cc
  • Run-time: 12 Hours
  • Noise Level: 76 dBA
  • Outlets: 2 – 120V 20A, 120V 30A RV, 1 – 120/240V Twist Lock
  • Fuel Tank: 4 Gallons
  • Size: 28.5 x 18.5 x 19 Inches
  • Weight: 110 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: No
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • User Rating: 5.00 Out of 5 – 1+ Customers
  • Expert Score: 5.00 Out of 5

Ford Generator FG5250PBR Features

Ford Generator FG5250PBR Review and Price

The Ford FG5250PBR is undoubtedly a heavy machine. Luckily, several features make it portable. These features include two 8-inch wheels for mobility and extendable handles with rubber grips. This Ford generator is ready for trailers with a TT-30R jack. In addition, because the FG5250PBR includes an L14-30R socket with a twist lock, it is ready to switch. In a power outage, you can easily plug it into the fuse box and turn on your home.

The generator has three output options that can be used simultaneously. These include a socket option (120V/240V 30A), a 120V 20A socket for lower consumption, and a 120V 30A RV socket. This makes FG5250PBR one of the Best Mid level Ford generators.

Mobility of Ford Generator FG5250PBR

L 28 x W 21 x H 20 inches, the traditional open-frame design of the Ford FG5250PBR provides stability and allows the alternator to rise off the ground. The generator is designed for ideal use outdoors and in harsh environments.

Ford Generator FG5250PBR 4 Gallon Steel Fuel Tank

Although this generator is technically considered a “mobile,” its weight of 108 pounds makes it very difficult to lift and carry manually. However, once placed on the ground, it can be easily moved using the wheelset And its folding handle.

Ford Generator FG5250PBR 4 Gallon Steel Fuel TankThe generator allows a quick, easy and convenient assessment of your gas level because it is equipped with an integrated fuel gauge. As a safety precaution, the device has overload protection and an automatic shut-off in the event of an oil shortage so that you can use it safely.

Aside from essential documentation and a user guide to help you turn on the alternator quickly, the Ford FG5250PBR also comes with several accessories, including a propane hose, oil, funnel, tool kit, and keychain.

Ford Generator FG5250PBR Emissions

The Ford FG5250PBR is EPA-certified and CARB-compliant. Therefore, it can be sold and bought in all 50 states, including California.

Ford Generator FG5250PBR Noise Level

With a noise level of 76 dB, the generator has a simple starting mechanism but is also equipped with a practical and easy-to-use electric starter. For added convenience, the FG5250PBR can be operated remotely.

Ford Generator FG5250PBR warranty

This device offers a stainless steel body and an overall solid build quality. It is durable and will give you many valuable years with it. The Ford FG5250PBR comes with a two-year warranty. This warranty may be limited and may not cover all alternator parts.

The Ford FG5250PBR is in the middle of the price range compared to other 3500-4500w alternators. Hence this generator is within the budget range for this type of product. If you plan to use this on your RV then you can check out how big a generator is to run RV?

Ford Generator FG5250PBR in use

Ford Generator FG5250PBR Review

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Ford Dual Fuel Portable Generator, 5,250Watts

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4 new from $629.98
as of July 24, 2023 9:10 am


  • 5,250W Peak/ 4,250W Rated (Gasoline) & 4,750W Peak/3,800W Rated (LPG)
  • The powerful 224cc, Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, OHV, Air Cooled Engine is protected by a Heavy-Duty Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • A 4 Gallon Fuel Tank gives you up to 11 Hours of Continuous Operation at half load when running on gasoline
  • Dual Fuel Capability lets you choose between Gasoline or LPG fuel sources for running your generator
  • Switch & Go Technology allows for seamless transitioning between LPG and Gasoline fuel sources while still in operation

Ford Generator FG5250PBR Review Price History

Ford Dual Fuel Portable Generator, 5,250Watts, Ford

Price: $629.98
as of July 24, 2023 9:10 am
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