Generac GP2200i Portable Inverter Generator

The Generac brand is a big name in the generator space known for its extensive and outstanding generators. However, the brand has expanded to include small and mid-sized generators. One such small generator is the Generac GP2200i W 50St Inverter. This Inverter Generator is small. Nonetheless, it offers a dominating performance to avoid power outages. Buy this from Amazon.

Generac 7117 - GP2200i 2,200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

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as of September 12, 2023 7:00 pm

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Generac 7117 Gp2200I W 50St Inverter, Orange, Generac

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Current Price - September 12, 2023
Highest Price 1,073.35 April 26, 2023
Lowest Price 828.02 July 15, 2023
Since April 5, 2023

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992.36 July 24, 2023
900.20 July 17, 2023
999.99 July 15, 2023
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873.99 June 26, 2023

Generac GP2200i Review Summary


  1. Instruction manual obsolete. The manual is very difficult to read and seems to describe things that no longer apply. For example, the instructions make no mention of the “on-off” indicators on the gasoline fill cap. One can only assume, since there is no “off” position on the “choke/run control” that one is to return this control to “choke” and turn the filler cap knob to “off” to purge the carburetor of gasoline. However, doing that seems to be futile, since it keeps running for a long time.

  2. Great alternative to more expensive comparable inverter generators. As an electrical engineer, I’ve been familiar with Generac for years. Generac always provides a quality product at a reasonable price. I currently own a XP10000 generator and was looking for a smaller portable unit. This unit definitely lives up to it’s reputation as being light weight, easy to start and well built. After unpacking, filling with oil and gas, it started on the second pull. First use was about 12 hours and it ran flawlessly. My only suggestion would be adding the Power Bar feature and a fuel gauge.

  3. Has quality written all over it! Added the oil and gas, started first pull! It also is so very quiet! I am looking forward to many hours of top performance from this little generator.

  4. Just out of the box and filled with the oil you provided and it started first pull. An excellent value for the money, I will be using this for power at a remote hunting camp and it is easily portable for that purpose.
    Looking forward to the enhanced run time an inverter will bring to power generation “off the grid.”

  5. Heavy, so we purchased a dolly to move it around easier. It would be great if iit had come with wheels on it. Runs extremely quietly. Great product that runs smoothly and quietly after easy start process and does thejob we wanted it to do. It really needs wheels to get it around asit is heavy so we purchased a dolly to use to move it around during the emergency times when it will be necessary to move it quickly to an outdoor spot. Starts easily and runns very quietly which surprised me and made us happy. Doies exactly what we intended it to do.

  6. Does what it is supposed to do. Living in California we see many days without power. Generac is a must. great product at a fair price

  7. Complete and utter crap. False information. I requested a generator not filters for something I do not own. This is supposed to be a full generator there is no information dealing with “parts” it only shows the generator nothing else. This is false information.

  8. Nice unit. My power has been out for a week so far and this little generator works flawlessly. It’s quiet and runs a long time on a tank of gas

  9. joaniegirl says:

    generic generator. great generator many options , easy starting quiet light waight
    all around good generator

  10. easy to operate. should have bought this generator years ago, i tested it out before i bring it to my property in tenn for a camping trip and it started on the second pull every time ,and its quiet to .

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