Honda EM5000S Portable Generator

The Honda EM5000S Portable Generator is equipped with a powerful commercial 389cc Honda iGX390 engine with a convenient electric start {battery included} with recoil. This Honda offers 5000 watts and 120/240 volts, perfect for home or work, air conditioning units and ovens, and much more. Intelligent automatic voltage regulation {iAVR} technology ensures reliable output. Power outlets are included for a convenient power supply connecting multiple front panels.

Our team has tested the Honda EM5000S. When you buy a Honda product, you can rest assured that your money has been well spent. Honda products come with an implicit quality guarantee. Please read below for our full Honda EM5000S review.

Honda EM5000S Review

As fans of the Honda brand here at Generator Ratings, we are always eager to put your units to the test. Honda is a favorite in the construction/industrial sectors and has been voted the number one brand by builders for seven years.

Still, it’s not hard to see why Honda is gaining so much prestige. Read on to see what we think of the Honda EM5000S.


The Honda EM5000S is powered by a Honda GX390 engine, giving the user a rated load of 4500W and a peak of 5000W. With a fuel capacity of approximately six gallons, the EM5000S has an operating time of approximately 8.4 hours at the rated load.

With a noise level of 72dB, the EM5000S is remarkably quiet for a generator, as 60dB is considered an average human conversation. This unit weighs approximately 231 pounds, so we recommend caution when transporting this equipment as it is quite heavy. With iAVR technology, the EM5000S can deliver 7000W for ten seconds to power larger equipment.


The EM5000S has a very practical design, with folding brackets at the front. Among the generators, two wheels and two racks prioritize mobility. The generator is also surrounded by a bar frame that provides handles for greater mobility and placement options. The engine starts electrically, with a recoil backup also included. A remote start-up is also an optional add-on.

Aesthetically speaking, the Em5000S is nothing special. It’s not an attractive device nor a particularly unpleasant design. Honda’s signature red and black colors show up as expected. This product was designed with a commercial/construction function in mind. The convenient layout, which optimizes utility over the visual appeal, demonstrates this.

Overall, we would recommend this product. It performed quite well based on our evaluations, to the point where we had no complaints. As is often the case with Honda products, the EM5000S did exactly what it said it would do on the tin, which is why we would consider this generator another win for Honda.

Safety & Warranty

This device is CARB compatible and therefore may be sold in the United States of America. Thanks to the iAVR (Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation) technology, there is a guaranteed constant flow of current, regardless of the load on the device. This means that the EM5000S can power-sensitive devices such as computers, etc.

The EM5000S also offers 2 GFCI-protected duplex outputs, preventing electricity from flowing in undesired ways, such as through water or a person. This unit is also protected by Honda Oil Alert, which shuts down the generator engine when a low oil level is detected. This unit benefits from a 3-year residential and commercial warranty like many Honda products. Please get in touch with Honda for more information about the warranty policy.

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HONDA EM5000S Electric Start Generator, 4500W, Honda

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Honda EM5000S Review Final Words

All portable generators serve as an alternative energy source while easy to transport. The Honda EM5000s is a great example in this category, with a huge increase in power, longer run time, good efficiency, and easy transport.

Moreover, it also includes advanced technology and monitoring. So whatever your specific needs, this generator is one to consider for most of its great features.

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