How to change generator oil?

It is important to regularly maintain your generator if you want it to work properly. Maintenance will allow you to have a dependable generator. Replacing old oil is important. You may think that this is not very easy. However, it is possible to do it at home.

It is important to keep the official product manual with you because you need to know details about the oil filter, the suggested type of oil, the amount of this, and the frequency of oil replacement.

How do you drain oil from a generator?

The following gives you some tips on how to change generator oil:

Safety matters

Before replacing old oil and the oil filter in the generator, keep your safety in mind. It is important to put on protective gloves plus glasses. It would be best if you even had all the important equipment.

Heat the old oil

You can start by warming up the old oil within the engine. This will help it drain out more efficiently. Hot oil tends to possess a much more liquid consistency.

You will have to start the generator and allow it to run for some minutes. When a couple of minutes have passed, the old oil must be warm enough to allow you to turn the generator off. By heating the old oil, you can complete oil changes more easily.

Blocks to place the generator

Get some identical blocks, then place these on a level surface. Put the generator on blocks, allowing a free space beneath the oil drain plug. The machine must be well-seated, stable, and not fall off the blocks.

Unplug spark wire

When the generators are on stable blocks, find the spark plug, then unplug it. Because we do not want to let the generator start accidentally, use the instruction manual to find out where the spark plug is.

Remove the wire which is connected to the spark plug first. Do this step by safely grabbing the spark wire boot. Twist this in either direction, then pull off. It would help if you did this at the same time.

Secure the wire in a place upon the generator, so it does not contact your spark plug when altering the oil.

Drain the old oil

If you want to replace old oil, you need to drain it. Find the oil drain plug. The drain plug and parts around it may be dirty, and if this is so, you should wipe away oil residue and grime. Put an oil pan or some empty canister beneath the drain plug so that We can catch all the oil from your generator’s body.

You may even remove the oil filter cap to drain old oil more quicker. Be sure that nothing goes into the opening.

When the drain pan is in place to catch oil pouring out of the generator, you need to remove your oil drain plug. You can use a ratchet here. When it is loose, remove the ratchet and socket. Unscrew the rest of the threading manually. Old oil begins to drain out of the generator’s engine when the plug is removed.

Change the previous oil filter.

A generator with an oil filter is also important to replace this. Running new oil in an old and dirty filter is not suggested.

Relying on the oil and filter together may increase the generator’s life and reduce the chances of the engine malfunctioning. A high-quality oil filter wrench is needed here. Get hold of the oil filter within the wrench, then loosen this slowly.

When loose, we recommend that you remove the wrench and then do the unscrewing left manually. It may be common for the oil filter to be hot; therefore, wear protective gloves.

The oil can pour out of the opening, placing the drain pan beneath the filter.

Look carefully at the sealing surface upon the oil filter adapter to see debris or gasket material. Make it clean. Get hold of the new filter, then lightly lubricate the gasket with new engine oil. Begin installing by screwing this in manually until the gasket can contact the filter adapter. You can read the owner’s guide or manual if you are confused.

Take the wrench to tighten the filter an extra 1/2 to around 3/4 turn. Prepare to get rid of used motor oil and even the oil filter at local auto parts stores, manufacturers, and service stations.

Refill new oil

When the new filter is properly in place, reinstall the old drain plug back within its place. Screw this in manually and tighten this using a socket wrench. Always remove the oil fill cap, then insert a funnel.

It is recommended that you slowly pour in new oil within the generator. Keep in mind that the type of oil and its needed volume are different for the various brands and engine models. This is why you should look at the official owner’s manual here. It will be outlined how much oil is needed to be poured in.

When the needed amount of oil is poured in, remove the funnel, then close your oil fill cap. If you are confused, you can watch a video of this being done. It is a rule of thumb to follow all instructions according to the user’s manual. Get the specific oil with the right viscosity for your portable generator.

Put spark plug wire in place.

Finally, re-connect the spark plug wire. It should be in the right position.

Reattach any covers, then begin the generator. Allow it to run for some minutes. Turn it down, then re-check whether the oil level is in the recommended range.

Items you need to change generator Oil

Items you need to change generator Oil

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How often should generator oil be changed?

Every generator requires an oil change every period. Time depends on the size, type, and how often you run the generator daily. If you need to change the oil for your small generator like Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator, you can do it after 80-100 hours of Use. But if you have a large diesel, you can run 500-700 hours. There is no actual Number.  It’s important to let the generator cool down before the oil change. Also, Replacing the oil filter at the same time as the Oil change is recommended.

What happens if you don’t change the generator oil?

If the oil hasn’t been changed for a long time, it will start to gel or solidify and eventually turn into sludge. In this case, the oil does not reach all parts of the engine, which causes a shortage of oil in the crankshafts, bearings, camshafts, and other valve train components. So for safety, change your generator oil regularly.



  1. This is a awesome generator. Very pleased. I read alot of reviews on different brands. Studied the specs on each one and comparing to what price i wanted to pay. I am so happy with the purchase I made. I truly does run 11 hours on a low load. And for that was running a full size fridge some lights and one other electronic. And as far as the noise goes it is a very acceptable level. We had it just a little ways away from the camp and could hardly hear it inside. And a extra plus is the remote start. This is a great product.

  2. Extremely Good Value. I had been waiting for this generator because I wanted a propane powered inverter/generator but I did not want to deal with the nearly 100lb weight of Champion’s 3400w dual fuel generator. At 39lbs dry, the 2500w dual fuel is easy to lift and move around, and it provides enough power to do most camping chores. The shipping packaging was excellent, instructions were clear, and all the parts needed to get started, including the correct measured amount of oil, were in the carton. After adding the oil and connecting the regulator to a 20lb propane tank, the biggest disappointment was that the generator refused to start on propane. By using some gasoline, the generator started right up after two priming pulls. Then after it was warmed up, when switching back over to propane, the generator started after four priming pulls. On subsequent cold start-ups this generator has proven notoriously difficult to start on propane. This problem has continued to persist after the 5 hour break-in and initial oil change. I do like the generator, however, it seems I will have to tote around a little bit of gasoline to get the generator started and up to operating temperature before attempting to start on propane. The 2500w dual fuel inverter/generator is an excellent product that provides lightweight power, and is an outstanding value compared to other inverter/generators in this class. I hope Champion can get what appears to be a carburetor issue fixed soon. I had planned to buy another one and run it in parallel, but I think it may be safer to wait this out for a while. I would have given this product 5 stars were it not hard to start on propane.

  3. Added to the family. This is my 5th champion generator purchase in past 4 years! All have operated flawless in time of need. I will only purchase champion generators because of the Quailty and industry leading 3 year warranty!

  4. Traveling Man says:

    Great generator! Ive been traveling for about 6 weeks and put about 18 hours on it without a hiccup. Its quiet, very light to handle and compact. Fits anywhere. This gen is great on gas. I got 11 hrs on the tank. It didn’t run out of gas bit I thought Id fill it up anyway.

  5. Great out of the box. Bought this generator for camping with our 23ft travel trailer and to serves as backup power for the house. So far, I am very satisfied with it. Quick and easy to get started and break in. Runs my entire camper including the ac and microwave at the same time. It could be quieter under load, but still really good compared to conventional generators. #sweepstakes

  6. Works great! I followed the instructions on the manual and I was able to turn it on with propane gas. I had read comments of others that had problems using it wit propane gas and was a little worried since I never read the reviews until after I had purchased it. But it works great and last a lot more with P/G.

  7. Great for RV. This is the perfect generator for our travel trailer. It runs everything including the AC without difficulty. We love that it runs on propane. The two of us were able to lift it onto our Trailer Tray without any trouble. Quiet too, so we don’t bother our fellow campers. We should mention that we haven’t tried running it on gasoline, and don’t plan to.

  8. Amazing product. We bought the 4500 Champion with remote start and absolutely love it. We race go karts at professional circuits through out the US. Most of the tracks offer camping at track so having enough power to run camper, air compressor and other tools is such a plus! The remote start/stop is such a big plus as well! Love being able to watch movies in camper and turn generator off without even having to get out of bed. Its so quiet as well!

  9. Started 1st pull. Best generator ever. I also have a brand new westinghouse generator (never started) that was seized up (rusted) straight out of the box. After putting oil in my new champion generator it started 1st put…if y’all r looking for a generator I suggest a champion. Its a nice well built unit, especially for the money!!

  10. Brittany P. says:

    Perfect. It’s exactly what we need it for. We’re in the middle of hurricane season and last year we waited too long to get a generator. We didn’t have power for over a week. Almost lost all my food in the deep freezer. We’re talking 1/4th of a cow. We are ready this year.

  11. Utah Hunter says:

    Awesome generator. My wife and I purchased our generator strictly for our travel trailer. Right out of the box, easy setup and started right up. It performed flawlessly on our trip to the California coast for a week. I actually did the 5 hour break in oil change right in camp in 15 minutes. Rating; Power to the trailer was perfect. As for sound. Kept it on the opposite side of our RV and we barely heard it. All in all a great generator for the quality and price. Highly recommend this unit for RV’s.

  12. This thing is awesome. Bought this cause a friend told me to look in to them. Use it on a 4 day camping trip and it out run every inverter there yes even the Honda. Just went through hurricane ida and I’m glad I had this thing. It ran my two fridges and stand up freezer. At night I would add a small widow unit to keep cool in the south Mississippi heat and it ran every fine with no problem. I used gas the propane when I ran out of gas. Love this thing!

  13. Super quiet! We use our generator for our 26′ camper out at our land and we will use it during the building of our new home. It will also be used for power outages.

  14. Great product, at a great price! I bought a champion generator, I live north of Seattle Washington and I get a lot of rain and wind that causes lots of power outages. And I’m happy I went with the champion generator. I got the 4375 starting watt and 3500 running watt generator since I only needed to power about half the house with it. And it’s perfect. I would definitely recommend this generator to anyone look to purchase one.

  15. Customer service. My generator was recieved new non-working from a not so local lumber store. I called customer service and explained the problem the offered to find me a repair shop or send me the part to fix the problem. I chose to have the part shipped. They send me instructions in an email and their website had videos showing how to replace it. This was on a Friday morning I received the part on Monday and had it fixed in less than twenty minutes! Great customer service and they stand behind their products and warranty promises!

  16. Proud New Champion Customer! says:

    Very Reliable and Excellent Product Choice! ! ! This product was exactly what we needed for the most recent Ice/Snow strom that recently struck the South Central US, specifically here in Arkansas (1+” sleet/ice & 6+” snow). We had sporadic power outages over a 4 day timespan with a few of those resulting in power outages up to 4-5+ hrs. However, since our recent purchase of our Champion Generator, my family and I were very much prepared for these power outages. As we were consistently able to run our “most essential” electrical appliances plus lighting by the use of our 3500W Champion Generator. Overall, with near silent operation I believe we made an excellent product choice by choosing to preventively prepare for such weather related mishaps by purchasing a VERY reliable and dependable 3500W Champion Generator! Highly recommend Champion Products to Everyone!

  17. Dirk D'Angler says:

    Nice. I’ve owned Hondas and this little beast is as good if not better! I run it solely on Propane and it runs good and runs forever! Bought it to use with my RV when boondocking, and with a extra capacitor runs my A/C, lights and refrigerator no problem!

  18. Jsteve camp says:

    Solid unit. I will be using this with our 30′ camper to do some dry camping. Very well packaged- some cuts in outside cardboard but no damage past foam packing. After break-in I connected it to camper and started turning things on starting with the AC unit. Inverter easily handled running AC, water heater, lights, refrigerator, TV, and microwave simultaneously! There was a short spike into the red when compressor kicks in, but didn’t trip the breaker. I feel for the price it should have come with a cover. But it did come with oil, funnel, tools, book needed to get started. Also tested it running on propane- worked fine. I just wish it were a few pounds lighter since for now I will be loading it in my pickup bed.

  19. Seems like a great choice! I got this generator primarily to use to power our 30Amp travel trailer when electricity is not available. I wanted to be able to power the A/C, microwave, fridge, etc and previously I had two smaller pull-start generators that needed to be linked together. After not being able to get those started this year, I decided to upgrade to this nice 4500 watt model that was ready to go for what I needed. It will also be used on occasion as needed when the power goes out in the house. After following the setup instructions, I tried it out on the RV and it ran the A/C without even hitting the 50% load on the meter. I like that it has a load meter and fuel gauge. As “luck” would have it, a week or so later we were having some work done by the house and the power company had to cut power for about 5 hours. I fired up the generator and ran everything in my office so I could work (router, computers, monitor, TV) and also plugged in the refrigerator. The generator was really quiet and used very little fuel over the 5 hour span that I ran it – and it just happens to be the recommended point at which to first change the oil in the machine, so no complaints and now its ready for a camping trip! PS. the battery start is a huge win!

  20. A GREAT PRODUCT!! I never owned a new generator before and I needed a backup source of power for when our electricity goes out. After researching I liked the ratings and reviews I seen on this generator. Hopefully this will last for years to come. Time and use will tell…

  21. so far so good. It started very well with gasoline, I let it run for an hour. Soon I will use it with Lp gas.

  22. wheels455 says:

    Excellent generator. Bought this to run rv air conditioning….mostly for the wife! You know what they say…Happy Wife-Happy Life! Easily pulls our 15,000 btu a/c. The duel fuel is great. Very nice to run off propane with a larger tank for extended run times. Easy on fuel and QUIET. Will also make a great unit for home use backup power during storms.

  23. An excellent generator. When I first unpacked the generator I found that the starting battery was damaged, the case was cracked in several places and the corrosive electrolyte had leaked out. I contacted Champion and was sent an authorization for a new battery. I picked up the new battery and installed it. No questions asked. I cleaned up the corrosion and touched up the paint. The frame was dented in a couple of spots also. This generator has always started on the first try, electric start or by hand. It is used, primarily, to provide back-up power for our refrigerators and microwave, along with power for lighting and other small appliances. It is also used to provide back-up power for my Amateur Radio station. It is tested occasionally, under load, and has always performed as advertised. While it is not the quietest generator, it is not objectionably loud. It is heavy, but is easily moved using the wheels and handle. This turned out to be a good purchase for us. I would recommend this 3500 Watt, open-frame generator to anyone.

  24. Great inverter generator at a great price! After talking with several people, I determined that a dual fuel inverter generator was what I needed. I watched several youtube reviews and was consistently impressed by Champion. One thing I liked was the propane connection was on the side of the unit instead of where the control panel was on the front. Other brands had the propane connection right in the way of the control panel. I primarily want to use propane as it stores much better and has a much more affordable price point. Upon purchase I was impressed by the directions provided and overall quality for the price point. The initial startup was very easy. My wife and I are very impressed with the noise level. We sat right next to our Champion while it was running and carried on a long conversation. Thanks for making a great inverter generator Champion.

  25. A good value, so far. Assembly was straightforward using the quick start guide. Locating the choke was harder, but found in manual. Started right away. Haven’t used it yet, but it easily powered a 16gal shopvac on trial run. No complaints.

  26. Nashgrasser says:

    Just get it, seriously! Let me first say, this is my second Champion product. I also own the 4500 watt dual fuel model. I’ve had my Champion 2500 Watt dual fuel inverter now for about a month and simply could not be happier. It is a real keeper. It looks as good as it runs, and that’s saying a lot, because it is a beautifully designed, fully enclosed work of art. Now, be sure to follow all instructions…I know, I know, everyone always says that, but no joke — FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE “T”. Get the oil level correct and use the provided bottle for the initial 5 hour break-in period. Do not use synthetic oil during the break-in. Totally fine to add synthetic after that, and in-fact, that’s what I’m using now. I also purchased a magnetic dipstick to replace the plastic OEM one, and to provide a little extra protection for the engine, something I would strongly recommend. Initially, I thought of running the inverter strictly on propane, but my primary use is to recharge my EcoFlow and Bluetti batteries while camping, and of course as power backup for emergencies at home to supplement to my Champion 4500 watt in the event of a major outage. The convenience of filling the 1 gallon tank is huge, and provides 8 – 11 hours of run time. Plenty to keep all my batteries charged for days, as they’ll typically only require a couple hours to charge, and on those really cold nights, I can keep a heater running in my teardrop trailer. I store my generator in a dust free corner of my garage, and plan on starting it up every 2 or 3 weeks to keep it running in tip top shape, but there are really great instructions provided for long term storage. Best of all, the carburetor has a fuel drain screw to completely empty the bowl. That’s brilliant on behalf of the design team and something the instructions will familiarize you with. Bottom line, don’t leave gas in this unit for over a month without starting it up…or draining it. This is truly a beautiful generator all the way around. Just get one!

  27. BigWave Dave says:

    Quiet + Does the job. I bought it to run a portable generator for 2000 sf single story house. I have done the testing and it does what my family needs (refer, blower for gas furnace, and internet (to check when the permanent power might return). It is very quiet, and lightweight enough to move around with included handle and 2 wheels.

  28. The right product for me. I bought this compact 2500 watt generator as a backup generator after my 18 year old Onan generator broke down. I have an older class A rv with 400 watts of solar panels feeding ip to 200 amps to my lithium batteries. We rarely need the backup but it feels really good knowing I have the generator. We don’t often use alternating current yet this generator can run the microwave or the vacuum cleaner. The dual fuel is wonderful too. It started and ran just as it should.

  29. Champion makes good products. We have used a larger Champion gas powered generator for years with no complaints. Easy start up every time. Decided to try this dual fuel generator/ inverter for its easier portability. Seems solid and I think it will make a great addition for taking to the cabin. Looking forward to many good years of service with this one as well.

  30. Easy start, long running time. Using it for electric outage, thankfully only use is to see how to run it.

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