Powermate PM2000i Inverter Generator

This Powermate PM2000i Inverter Generator is like the generator for dummies. The Powermate-PM2000i Inverter Generator is Very easy to use and understand. I had it powering a small portable air conditioning unit with no problems. Just make sure you check the oil level before startup. We will add a detailed review soon. In the meantime, you can read some of our other generator reviews too.

Powermate PM2000i 2000 Watt Manual Start Gasoline Powered Inverter Generator

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as of September 29, 2023 9:25 pm

Powermate PM2000 - 2,000 Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Generator, 49 ST / CSA, Powered by Generac

$449.00  in stock
as of September 29, 2023 9:25 pm

Powermate 2000I Portable Inverter Generator

$499.00  in stock
as of September 29, 2023 9:25 pm

Powermate PM2000i Inverter Generator Price History

Powermate P0080501 Gas Inverter Generator 2000 Watt, Powermate

Price: $449.00
as of September 29, 2023 9:25 pm
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Powermate PM2000i Inverter Generator Review Summary


  1. Weekendwarrior says:

    Great Little Generator. Bought it at Clinton, NJ Walmart. Added oil, gas, started right up. Quiet. I like the economy switch that allows low rpm operation. it should save fuel & wear.
    I hooked up a 500 watt halogen lamp and the rpms increased, but still rather quiet.

    I like the OHV 4 stroke engine. easy to start/pull.

    I like what I see so far, I will give a good test this weekend.

    at $488 plus tax, a good deal.

  2. InformedTech says:

    Better than expected. Before I considered buying this unit I set out to get all the specific info on it such as warranty,what it could power(such as fridge,furnace,waterpumps,appliances,etc.) of course only one at a time considering its wattage of 1600/2000 surge and also accessories available for it. Yes it says there,s a parallel cable kit but when I went to the powermate website it listed every model except this PM0152000,maybe because it’s walmart exclusive,so then walmart should have it listed on their website along with all the other complete info including multiple pictures with covers off etc. Seeing that it seems to be a somewhat new model obviously to compete with the Honda 2000i they need to be specific to stand a chance with picky customers such as I. That said,i have owned the Honda 2000i so I was in a position to compare them and I must say that I was impressed with the powermate! It is very quiet and seemingly well built,and was able to power my 1/2 hp waterpump which if you check is at the limit of the wattage capabilities and it did it without triggering the overload light,so obviously if it can handle that its doing what it,s suppose to. Remember this is a portable unit that can do alot for its size so if you use common sense this unit is pretty darn versital for its price!! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of lack of info and not sure yet on availability of parts and accessories but hopefully walmart will put all that info on the site with the product.

  3. Great generator at a fantastic price. Starts easily and runs all day or overnight on a gallon of fuel in ECO mode. Super quiet. I filled the unit with the oil supplied for the initial break in, then switched to 10w30 synthetic oil. The engine did not consume any noticeable amount of oil between oil changes. The engine appears to be a Yamaha MZ80 clone with parts interchangability with genuine Yamaha engines. It will briefly handle loads in excess of 1600 watts, but the generator will work all day long at the 1600 watt level if you want to work it that hard. Where this unit really shines is on “ECO” mode with around a 1000 watt load just humming along at what sounds like just a fast idle. Check this unit out first before paying 2X as much on a Honda or Yamaha unit. $498 plus tax out the door at my local Walmart. Highly recommended.

  4. Great generator/inverter! We found that LED lights are very voltage/frequency sensitive and the generator we were using was blowing them out even using a UPS/conditioner. This unit provides a good clean power source and is very quiet. Had several people inquire about it and comment on how silent it is and said they plan on purchasing one.

  5. Generator. Bought for running furnace and more sensitive electronics during outages.Needed low noise ,portability,and decent fuel consumption. It fills the bill!

  6. FamilyRules says:

    Powermate 2000l Portable Inverter Generator. I bought this for our camper 8/16. We camp in state parks without the option of electricity. This generator is very quiet. We had a movie night with our kids. we ran the generator throughout the entire movie, and it was barely noticeable. We cooked in crockpots one afternoon,. We ran our 5000 BTU air conditioner on medium, with no troubles at all. Every morning we fired it up early in the morning for coffee, again very quiet no complaints. We filled a 5 gallon jug of gas, and only used about a gallon in one week. We didn’t run the AC all week long, only one afternoon. We have no complaints, we love it!

  7. Outdoorsman. Great product. Check this out before you pay a high price for a Honda. Very quiet generator. You will be pleased if you buy one and save lots of money!

  8. Damien7110 says:

    Powermate 2000i Portable Inverter generator. This generator is excellent. It runs great and is a great deal quiter, than my previous generator. I would recommend this generator to a friend.

  9. like it. nice little gen, unit came on time thanks.

  10. Horrible generator! We are loyal Powermate customers. The only brand I’ve ever bought when buying a low watt generator. We’ve bought several of these over the last 10 years and loved them. This one is a dud and horrible!!! Most of the time it won’t start and gives us nothing but trouble. I hate it. The hassle trying to return it is a joke with customer service. I don’t know if it’s the powermate company with the duds or Walmart selling them but we won’t be buying one again. You’ve lost a very loyal customer.

  11. Everything’s amazing! Everything arrives to you as nice as they looked were on the wed site.

  12. Simple, Easy and Quiet Generator. I’ve been needing a small but mighty generator for a few years. The POWERMATE 2000W Generator had all the specs I needed. Dual electric plug-ins, super quiet, easy to use, easy to start, and easy setup.

    Out of the box Setup on the POWERMATE 2000W Generator was simple by using the included funnel and included oil to add. I added 1.5gal of supreme gas, air vented the gas cap (small valve at the top), turned it to “start/run” and it started up on first pull.

    I ran it for 20mins with a few things plugged in to run and test. I even tested the overload by adding a large refrigerator. I let it cool, and rechecked oil to make sure all was good. Started it back up on a single pull (again).

    The POWERMATE 2000W Generator will get use for some special effect Halloween display as well at a weekly car show in which we show a car-themed movie every night.

    Easy to use
    Simple setup out of the box
    Tools, Oil, Funnel, etc all included.
    Weight is decent as well.
    Starts on a Single and Easy First Pull.
    Auto shuts off if tipped over or leaned over for safety

    The mini plastic filter when pouring gas causes it to splash back if not pouring slowly ( I removed it and no issues).

    I was given this product (POWERMATE 2000W INVERTER GENERATOR) free to test and use as a promotion for writing a review.

  13. Great generator for the price! Despite their relative affordability, most Powermate generators are incredibly reliable in terms of performance and durability. What’s more, there’s an assurance that you’ll find replacement parts easily even in the years to come. This is a recommendable unit for your outdoor and tailgating parties, picnics, and camping trips. It will also come in handy for most of your low power DIY tasks around the home. Definitely recommend this unit!

  14. Started Right Up And Worked with out a hitch! So glad I got this Generator! Easily set up with all the components included. Secured with bolts for shipping and came in excellent shape!

  15. Great Portable Generator. We have been looking for a portable generator. The POWERMATE 2000W Generator is the perfect size for what we needed. It has two plug-ins, easy to follow instructions for setting it up.
    We pulled it out of the box and simply added the oil with the included funnel. Added the gas and gave it a pull and it started right up.
    We were having some electrical work done in our garage so we plugged in our small chest freezer while the electric was off and it worked great. Much quieter then I thought it would be.
    The POWERMATE Generator will get a lot of use when we go camping.

    Easy to follow instructions
    Not heavy or bulky
    Easy to start
    Small funnel included
    Small enough to store under the work bench when we are not using it.

    I can not think of any at this time.

    I was given this product (POWERMATE 2000W PORTABLE GENERATOR) free to test and use as a promotion for writing a review

  16. Perfect on-the-go solution. Where to start?! This unit was great right out of the box. Everything you need to get it going is available, except for the gas of course. Also super easy to set up. We brought it along on a 3 day camping trip and used it often. Simple to start and the tank seemed to last fairly long.

    Looking forward to bringing it on the next trip.

    Small form-factor
    Easy to start
    Easy to fill

    None yet!

  17. Glamping728 says:

    The Best Generator I’ve used. I would like to start by saying that I’ve been in the military for over 15 years, and in my time I’ve used a large variety of generators; from massive 30k trailer units to 1.5k units that can be moved by a single person.
    I used this generator during our last two field excursions in Fort McCoy WI, and it worked flawlessly for three days with breaks through the night.
    It was used to charge multiple electronics at the same time which included:
    3 laptops (consistent use)
    12+ cellphones
    8+ power banks
    3 LED shop lights
    I built a generator pit for it, but it runs rather quiet, and I think it would be fully usable without it. It worked through rain, sunshine, and high levels of moisture in the air without issues.
    I only wish I would’ve gotten pictures of how it was set up and used. This winter I will be taking it up to Northern Michigan, and use it to power a small heater for one of our crew tents. I will then provide a review, or update on how it works then.
    Finally, I would like to list a few pros for the unit, because honestly, I have 0 cons:
    -Super light
    -Very easy to use
    -Fuel efficiency is top notch compared to other generations I’ve used
    – consistent power delivery

    I was given this product for free to test and use as a promotion for writing a review.

  18. Glamping728 says:

    Better than expected. We acquired this unit to run a bounce house for our daughter’s birthday party recently. Everything went smoothly. The day before the party, we got it unpacked and filled with oil and gas. Started up on the first try which is always a good feeling. Ran it for a while and had no issues. Looking forward to using it this fall for camping too.

    Very light
    Small footprint
    Decently quiet
    Simple to use


    I was given this product for free to test and use as a promotion for writing a review.

  19. an honest evaluation. This is a good generator, however way over priced.
    Thank you

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