Pulsar 12000 Watt Generator Review

THIS REVIEW INCLUDES Pulsar PG12000B specs, features, and price comparison. Switch and Go technology enables you to switch between gasoline and propane while the G12KBN portable Pulsar generator runs for uninterrupted power. G12KBN dual-fuel operation When running on gasoline, this generator can produce up to 12,000 peak watts; while running on propane, it can have a maximum output of 10,800 peak watts. Using the 6.6-gallon gas tank, this portable generator can run up to 13 hours at half-load or be hooked up to a propane tank to run on LPG.

Who can use this Generator?

An inverter generator that is small, light, and portable, the Pulsar PG12000B primarily targets:

  • Fans of tailgating and campers who want to take their power with them wherever they go
  • Crafters who wish to work while on the go

In the following parts, you’ll learn about its power characteristics, different outputs, total portability, extra features, and pertinent information on emissions compliance.

Comparison Between Pulsar PG12000B and Others

Pulsar G12KBN-SG

Pulsar G12KBN-SG
457cc Power Engine
  • Power: 9500 Watts / 12000 Watts
  • Engine: 457cc
  • Run-time: 12 Hours at 50% Load
  • Noise Level: 72 dBA
  • Outlets: 4 – 120V 20A, 1 – 120V/240V 30A RV, 1 – 120V/240V 50A outlet
  • Fuel Tank: 8 Gallons
  • Size: 28.5 x 26 x 25.5 Inches
  • Weight: 209 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: No
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • User Rating: – 4.60 Out of 5 – 1.1K Customers
  • Expert Score: – 4.70 Out of 5

DuroMax XP12000EH

DuroMax XP12000EH
Big Power Machine
  • Power: Gas-9500/12000, LPG-9025/11400W
  • Engine: 457cc
  • Run-time: 8 Hours
  • Noise Level: 72dBA
  • Outlets: 1 – 120/240V 50A, 1 – 120/240V 30A Twist Lock, 2 – 120V 20A, 1 – 120V 30A RV
  • Fuel Tank: 8.3 Gallons
  • Size: 30 x 29 x 26 inches
  • Weight: 224 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: No
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • User Rating: – 4.60 Out of 5 – 6.2K+ Customers
  • Expert Score: – 4.70 Out of 5

Ford FG11050PBE

Ford FG11050PBE
Electric Start, Big Engine Generator
  • Power: Gas-9000/11050, LPG-8550/10500W
  • Engine: 457cc
  • Run-time: 10 Hours
  • Noise Level: 78 dBA
  • Outlets: 4 – 120V 20A, 1 – 120/240V 50A RV, 1 – 120V 30A
  • Fuel Tank: 6.6 Gallons
  • Size: 32 x 23 x 23 Inches
  • Weight: 196 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: No
  • Warranty: 2-Year
  • User Rating: – 4.20 Out of 5 – 100+ Customers
  • Expert Score: – 4.30 Out of 5

How much power can we get, and How much time can this Generator run?

The Pulsar PG12000B provides 120/240V output with exceptional power and versatility using dual-fuel technology. Running at 9500W and starting at 12000W, the device is powered by gasoline. Propane-powered: 8,550 watts at a steady-state and 10,800 watts at start-up

To power the generator while switching between propane and gasoline, Pulsar developed a patented method called “Switch & Go.”

The generator can produce 74 decibels of noise (just slightly louder than a shower). It has a manual and an electronic starter that is simple to operate (battery included).

The PG12000B, which has a fuel capacity of 8 gallons, can run for around 12 hours on a full gasoline tank at 50% load (fuel consumption of approximately 0.67 GPH). At least 5 hours are possible using propane (estimation based on a 20lb tank – propane consumption about 0.94 GPH).

Number of Outlets

The control panel has the following six ports available:

  • Duplex two 120 volts / 20 amps (5-20R)
  • a 30A 120/240V power supply (L14-30R)
  • Power strip, 120/240V, 50A (14-50R)

An additional DC output of 12V 8A allows you to charge your batteries quickly.

You can quickly plug in the PG12000B’s L14-30R lockout socket to power your home during a power outage because it features an L14-30R rotary lockout socket.

Portability of the Generator

The Pulsar PG12000B is 28.5 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 22 inches high. In addition to providing structural support and elevating the generator above the surrounding ground. This style of design is best suited for locations that are both severe and frequently used outside.

It will be pretty challenging to carry and move the generator manually, even though it is categorized as “portable” (in being mobile). However, the wheelset and folding handlebars mitigate the lack of maneuverability that allows you to move it comfortably once it is on the ground.

Features we like about this machine.

You can watch your battery life, voltage, and frequency with the PG12000B’s control panel’s convenient gauge.

Because it has a built-in fuel gauge, the generator makes it simple to check the gas level.

You can rest easy knowing that the gadget includes an automated low-oil shutdown and overload protection (circuit breaker) when it comes to safety.

A funnel, propane hose, and tool kit are included with the Pulsar PG12000B’s package of essential documentation and an owner’s manual (opens in a new tab).

Warranty information

The Pulsar PG12000B’s purchase includes an up to two-year warranty. This guarantee may not cover some aspects of the generator, which may be restricted in scope.

Please get in touch with Pulsar Customer Service if you have any questions about the manufacturer’s generator warranty.


Pulsar PG12000B generator reviews should have convinced you that this is the ideal generator for your needs. If you need a generator, don’t put it off any longer. For the best possible results, we recommend this Pulsar generator.

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Pulsar 12000 Watt Portable Generator Price History

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Pulsar 12000 Watt Generator Review Summary


  1. Pulsar 12000 watt generator. Love this generator!! It’s a beast!!

  2. Arrived a day late damaged. Got my generator delivered late from Pilot. Looked fine. Opened it up and started assembly and noticed the engine seemed tilted a little. Was about to put the oil in (which is not included) and noticed 2 of the motor mounts were compressed and bent. I would imagine that would not be best if I started it so contacted Walmart, sent it back and they lost it. Pilot says its in a trailer at the return center dock.
    Called Walmart and they said its lost. Issued refund. Now, I am hesitant to order anything from them again.

  3. Poor quality Shipping. The item came badly damaged. For a nearly $1,000 purchase, WalMart offered a $20 discount on my next purchase. Doubt I’ll buy from Walmart again…

  4. Yourwelcome says:

    Adding oil. The generator works great. Easy setup, but my only issue was I had a hard time figuring out where to put the oil in. Yes, I know it sounds less than manly to not know, but for those who may get confused also, the oil goes in the hole under the electrical panel, to the left of the batter on the front of the generator.

  5. Generator arrived with dents. We might have given this generator a 5 star review, but when my husband unpacked it, there were dents in the fan, and the area around it. We were going to ask for a replacement, but there wasn’t one available. My husband took pictures of the dents just in case it damaged the mechanics of the generator. He did get it started and it seems to work fine, it’s just sad that it arrived damaged, and it apparently happened when it was being put into the crate because the outside of the crate was not damaged. When you buy an item this expensive, you expect it to arrive in good condition.

  6. Bad Generator. The product came in a palette, it seem to be well protected during shipping, however, it had a minor dent, I guess the packaging didn’t do a good job. Setting it up took some time, make sure you have a second person to help if not it may take some time to put the wheels, legs, and handles. Overall the product looks nice, it does not come with oil so make sure you get 10w-30, it takes 1.1 L, and it has an 8 gal tank. Now, why the 2 stars? Well, the generator does not push any power, any of the outlets won’t work. The generator starts with no issue, the electric push start works great, but the generator just won’t push any power. I am currently contacting Pulsar for assistance lets see what they say. If they don’t satisfy me with this issue then I will return this product back to walmart.

  7. Nice. Works as it should. Electric start is amazing. Runs fairly quiet. Looks good too.

  8. Ok. Box came damaged and so was the plastic around the main switchboard. Doesn’t look like it will affect performance but the handling should of been better.

  9. Worked great when not leaking. Arrived with a damaged faceplate. After about 25 hours of use, noticed it leaking oil all over my garage floor. They replaced it very easily but the replacement arrived and sat on my patio for a few months before I had a chance to test it and noticed it leaked all the oil that was in the generator when it was shipped. I then asked for a full refund rather than them sending me on an 80 min round trip drive to just drop it off, then another 80 min drive to pickup.

  10. Not recommend to purchase this generator. This generator looks very nice, 12000w, and du-fuel, inexpensive. instruction is clear, but the machine is not easy to start. I have full tank of propane gas, and followed the manual step by step, it started 5 second and stopped, then wouldn’t start again. Then I tried to use gasoline functions to start, and had no luck. Thanks Walmart allows me to return it.

  11. I bought my Pulsar Dual Fuel 12000 generator last year from home Depot. I try & try & it won’t start. I use the electric start & keep draining the the battery.
    Does Pulsar have a customer service number I can call to assist me.

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