Pulsar 5250 Generator Review

Pulsar 5,250 Peak Watt Gas-Powered Portable Generator

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as of June 4, 2023 9:17 pm

Pulsar 12000 Watt Dual Fuel Push Button Start Power Generator

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as of June 4, 2023 9:17 pm

Pulsar 12,000W Dual Fuel Portable Generator in Space Gray with Electric Start, G12KBN

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as of June 4, 2023 9:17 pm

Pulsar Products GD400BN, 4000W Portable super-quiet Dual Fuel & Parallel Capability, CARB Compliant Inverter Generator, ultra-lightweight and RV Ready, 4000-Watt Gray

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as of June 4, 2023 9:17 pm

Pulsar G65BN Portable Gas/LPG Dual Fuel Generator - 5500 Rated Watts & 6500 Peak Watts - RV Ready - CARB Compliant

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as of June 4, 2023 9:17 pm

Pulsar 5250 Portable Generator Price History

Pulsar 5,250W Portable Gas-Powered Generator, Pulsar Products

Price: $609.00
as of June 4, 2023 9:17 pm
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Pulsar 5250 Generator Review Summary


  1. Gregory C says:

    Gr. Appears to be a great generator. Will be used for a lot of different things.

  2. Awesome little beast. I bought this Pulsar as a backup for my larger 15 year old Coleman Powermate generator, and so far it has matched the Powermate’s ability to run my household appliances during power outages. The real test will come as the hurricane season progresses here in Florida, and its definitely a lot quieter then my larger Powermate that kept my neighbors up at night during Hurricane Irma a few years ago, so I’ll use this Pulsar generator during the 12 hour evening shift to my neighbors delight !

  3. Great purchase. Great purchase. Easy to set up. Haven’t used it yet but ready for hurricane season.

  4. Awesome power. I bought this generator to be able to run my lights, well pump, and hot water heater. the last power outage we had i used it for the first time, and it did great. super easy to operate. I love having the electric start, and the option to use gas or propane. I would absolutely recommend this generator. It is worth every penny to have the peice of mind, knowing I will have power even in an outage. Thank you Pulsar.

  5. Well-Rated and Meets Expectations. Seller/shipper were easy to work with since I had to change shipping arrangements. Difficult setup involving one of the legs and hookup of the battery. Once set up, with oil and propane installed, unit fired up on the first try and operates smoothly. I think it is more quiet than most portable generators. At the price, you can’t beat it.

  6. Couldn’t be more. I just received my order today so this review won’t be about the operation ability of the generator. However I am so impressed by this generator I had to say something about it. First off, it shipped free of charge and at 230 lbs I found that to be amazing. Secondly it was very nicely packaged on a sturdy pallet, in a cardboard box with a piece of ¼” hardboard on top to prevent anything from denting the gas tank. Third it has sturdy folding handles and good size wheels that go together easily. Once I got it unpacked, put motor oil in it (don’t forget that, it comes with no oil in it), and hooked it up to a propane tank with the supplied hose, I hit the starter switch and it fired right up. I was somewhat surprised that the battery had a full charge. What I was expecting was for it to be extremely loud but was pleasantly surprised to find its really not much louder than my 2500 watt Honda. Now that’s with no load so I’m sure it’ll be louder under load but I’m still impressed with how quiet it is. Finally, I bought this through Walmart because it was $899 which was $100 less than Lowes and some places it saw it for as much as $1500. Now you might say “it sounds good but this guy might not know anything about generators or small equipment of any kind for that matter” so let me just say I’m a retired heavy equipment operator whose hobby is woodworking. I know plenty about this stuff.

  7. Sams club shoper says:

    Great generator. We ordered this generator to have wired into our electric panel so that if the power goes out we’re able to flip a switch and have power to our house

  8. Great Generator. This generator Cranked So Easy And Ran So Quite …

  9. Big boy toy. It look great and work just as good

  10. Great generator and not overpriced. Very nice. Easy set up. All parts included as stated. Started on second pull. Good buy

  11. Awesome buy well worth the money. I ordered this generator a week ago and it is already delivered. It was recieved in optimal condition and packaging no tears no dents not crushed . RL carriers done a wonderful job taking care of my product and communicating with me . I would have to say that I am extremely pleased with the build of the generator it is very sturdy built well and easy to assemble. The instructions are spot on easy to read and I was able to put it together in 5 min . I live in a hurricane prone area and we are without power sometimes I bought this in case of storms and random power outages . I can not rate it on ease of use do to not needing it at the moment. I will say the thing I was disappointed in is that I have to go buy oil for it the manufacturer does not include oil for the first use. over all I am giving it a 5 star review because of the exceptional delivery time build of generator and exceptional customer service .

  12. good buy. compact size unit for the output. Quiet and smooth running engine. Satisfied so far !

  13. tampamotorman says:

    So far, initial set up didn’t impress me. One of the axle pins was blocked by a motor mount. I could not use the supplied clip. I substituted a cotter pin, which is OK if you have a box of miscellaneous pins like I do. I haven’t started it up yet. Don’t know if it runs or generates electricity yet.

  14. Poor quality Shipping. The item came badly damaged. For a nearly $1,000 purchase, WalMart offered a $20 discount on my next purchase. Doubt I’ll buy from Walmart again…

  15. Bad Generator. The product came in a palette, it seem to be well protected during shipping, however, it had a minor dent, I guess the packaging didn’t do a good job. Setting it up took some time, make sure you have a second person to help if not it may take some time to put the wheels, legs, and handles. Overall the product looks nice, it does not come with oil so make sure you get 10w-30, it takes 1.1 L, and it has an 8 gal tank. Now, why the 2 stars? Well, the generator does not push any power, any of the outlets won’t work. The generator starts with no issue, the electric push start works great, but the generator just won’t push any power. I am currently contacting Pulsar for assistance lets see what they say. If they don’t satisfy me with this issue then I will return this product back to walmart.

  16. Ok. Box came damaged and so was the plastic around the main switchboard. Doesn’t look like it will affect performance but the handling should of been better.

  17. Good unit at a great price. UPS delivered. Item arrived, for the most part, undamaged. The only damage i saw was the cover for the pull cord was bent in to the point you couldnt pull the cord. Not a problem for me as i just happened to have a trampoline spring tool on hand and slid it into the slot to pull the cover straight for the most part.
    Added oil that came with it (which did not leak everywhere), and some fuel that i had removed the ethenol from. Flipped the off/on switch to on, opened the fuel line valve waiting about 15sec then opened the choke, waiting another 20sec then pulled the cord with ease and it fired right up. It ran fine and hooked my table saw to it, about 8amps, theoretically about 960watt based on 120v, the unit faintly bogged but was fine. Then i powered down. I took it out camping already for a 3 day land clearing on my neighbor’s 7ac land. It ran just fine. unfortunately just using it to power an electric chainsaw, radio, coffee maker, charging phones, and dual halogen 250/500watt work lights (during nighttime), The gen powered everything just fine no issues. But during the day load output was maybe 5-10%. On the 2nd day I was waiting for the fuel to run out as it had less than .5gal. 4hrs later its still running. I wanted to burn the fuel out to shut it down so it could sit for hour before i did an initial oil change so i ended up just shutting off the fuel valve. The oil drain plus, as usual, is in an area thats impossible to not make a mess so i did my best to contain as much as possible. Oil looked fine coming out, not really dark at all. Installed the drain plug and wiped everything down. Refilled using about 24oz of walmart brand 10-30 conventional (didnt have synthetic on hand at the moment), non-energy conserving, fueled the gen up about 3/4 full and fired it back up with ease. Overall I’m somewhat satisfied with its performance. I really wanted the 12k but wasnt too sure on this brand. I did email Pulsar asking what the THD was and they replied saying on average its around 7-9% which is well below many other name brands out there thats around 15-28%THD. So I will be saving up for the bigger size version of this unit. Overall, i would highly recommend this model for people camping using a medium size camper or smaller.

  18. Need to return this item due to having been damage. This generator was delivered today 7/26/22 @3:00pm and the box was torn open and pieces were broken off of the generator. The broken pieces are part of the connections. Etc. I need to return it!!

  19. broken generator. i order this item 3 times and pilot delivered it broken damaged and didnt follow home instructions.
    left it in front of my home damaged without a signature

  20. Arrived damaged. Generator arrived damaged. The ‘control’ panel is badly damaged on one end. The plastic snapped around the bolts so there is nothing holding it on on that end. So obviously I cannot use it. While checking around to find the serial number (had to google how to do it, lol), I notice a part that was pretty rusted already. I just received it. I called the company and of course but they were closed for the weekend.

    I hope they honor their product and send a replacement part or a replacement generator. I will update this when I hear back from them.

    Oh and the box wasn’t damage in any way so no idea how this happened.

  21. Damaged and rusted from manufacture. Received the generator damaged and had rust on it and would only run on propane. Contacted the manufacturer and they sent $100 Amazon gift card even tho I purchased it from wal mart. Had to clean the carb to get it to run on gas. Once running it was fine but such a headache.

  22. Happy customer. Arrived in perfect condition. Had a problem with it not starting or running on gas. Called tech support. An engineer called me back the next day and told me what to do to solve the problem. Great customer support. The unit seems well made with quality materials.

  23. i can not guarentee till i test the unit.the prev. very disorganized corporate . was told replacement for a defective unit not in stock when becomes available will be notified to the customer including the delivering agent. wall mart nor the delivering entity notify me of the delivery and i came to know because of my neighbors notification the same way wall mart and pilot air freight did in the first instance. prior 95% of communication with customer service centers and call centers regarding the defective prior unit and replacement was horrendously bad and false and erroneous and unprofessional and rude and downright lies including the Pulsar inc. I still have to test the unit to verify it is a working one. wall mart needs to have direct bilateral email communication .

  24. 1 week after i bought the generator the price went down 200 dollars from 900 to 700 dollars I think that sucks. and I’m thinking about sending it back I haven’t started it yet.

  25. Delivery to curb and by semi. Good price but we refused delivery because they sent it on a semi. It is impossible to get to my driveway in a semi. I left explicit instructions concerning delivery. They even checked a box that said they would deliver to the door. Nobody called to make arrangements until the semi driver called. He said he was only allowed to leave it at the curb, outside my gate. The generator weighs too much for us to lift and carry back to our house. This company really needs to do a better job.

  26. She’s a Big Betty! It’s definitely a two person job putting this heavy beast together, 230lbs dry weight is nothing to laugh at.

  27. A good investment. The generator arrived quickly. Very wrapped up to there was no damage to it. Very easy to put wheels on and handles. The handles and wheels make it easy to move around. Put oil in it, hooked up propane and started on first try.

  28. Bad delivery service. Didn’t open it yet, but delivery was non coordinating and this heavy beast was left in front of my door and the guys didn’t even alert me pressing doorbell or knocking. Didn’t know how even to move this thing from there in to the garage and when call the delivery company for help, they denied. Luckyily my neighbours came to the rescue and 4 of us were able to lift it up and carry in. Becareful as the delivery service is bad.

  29. Quality Product. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Was purchased as a power backup in case of a power shortage this winter. Arrived in a timely manner and looks like a quality product and priced very nicely compared to others out there.

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