The PG6580E gas-powered generator from Pulsar is a rugged and reliable portable power source you can rely on when you need it most. The single-cylinder OHV engine generates an astounding 6,580 peak watts of power for powering appliances, tools, and other equipment. The PG6580E’s drop-down handles and never-flat wheels make it easy to transport and store in a power outage or when you require a portable energy supply while away from home.

Who can use this Generator?

In summary, the Pulsar PG6580E is a portable generator that is ideal for the following applications:

  • Tourists on RVs looking for even more freedom
  • People occasionally participate in outdoor fairs, festivals, or activities.
  • No food truck owner wants to see their business disrupted at any cost.
  • Homeowners who wish to utilize their most essential appliances even if there’s a power outage.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll go over the device’s power specs, outlets, portability, and other features, as well as information on its emission compliance.

How much power can we get, and How much time can this Generator run?

The 274 ccs (8 hp) Ducar OHV 4-stroke engine in the Pulsar PG6580E supplies 120/240V, burns gasoline, and produces 5500W of running power and 6580W of peak power.

The generator has a noise level limit of 72 decibels (slightly noisier than a vacuum cleaner). It has a conventional pull-start system and a sleek and straightforward electronic starter (battery included).

PG6580E can run for 12 hours at 50% load (fuel usage around 0.43 GPH) on a full tank, thanks to its 5.2-gallon fuel capacity.

Number of Outlets

The control panel has the following six auxiliary power outlets:

  • Two 120V 20A duplexes (5-20R)
  • Receptacle with a 120V 30A (L5-30R) rating
  • The L14-30R is a 30-amp, 120/240-volt socket.

Also included is a 12V 8A DC outlet, which may be used to charge your batteries quickly and efficiently.

The L5-30R receptacle on this Pulsar generator allows it to be connected to an RV with an L5-30P to TT-30R adaptor, even though it isn’t RV Ready. Additionally, the PG6580E’s twist-lock L14-30R receptacle makes it transfer switch ready: you may connect it to a breaker box to power your home during a power outage.

Portability of the Generator

The Pulsar PG6580E has a standard, open-frame design with dimensions of L27.5 x W21 x H22, which provides support and stability and allows it to be raised above ground level. The design is well-suited to a wide range of challenging outdoor conditions.

It’s possible to move the generator by hand, but doing so will be difficult due to the heavyweight of 140 lbs. that comes with it. It may be easily moved using the wheel kit and the folding handle attached to the handlebar when placed on the ground.

Features we like about this machine

PG6580E’s handy meter shows voltage, frequency, and lifetime hours. Using this function might help you keep an eye on its status and activity. In addition to this, if the oil level is too low, you’ll see a light signal. The generator’s built-in fuel indicator makes determining the generator’s fuel level simple, fast, and convenient.

This product has overload protection (circuit breaker) and an automated low oil shut-off that ensures your safety while using it. The Pulsar PG6580E comes with a funnel and tool kit in addition to the usual papers and an owner’s manual.

Warranty information

PG6580E has a two-year warranty. This warranty may be limited and not apply to all generator components. Please get in touch with Pulsar Customer Support if you have any questions concerning the warranty on Pulsar generators.

Pulsar PG6580E comparison with other

The following graphs show how the Pulsar PG6580E’s key features stack up against similar-sized generators for comparison’s sake (between 5000 and 6000 W).

  • The Pulsar PG6580E weighs about 140 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight generators in the 5000-6000 watt category. The WEN GN6000, at 119 pounds, is one of the top performers in this power range if weight is a concern for you.
  • In other words, at 72 dBA, the generator produces noise in line with what might be expected from this powerful device. If noise pollution is essential to you, the Honda EU7000iS is one of the quietest generators in its power range at only 52 dBA.
  • A 12-hour operating period at 50% load on the PG6580E makes it a more reliable power source than most other generators. The Cat RP5500 is a great option, with a maximum of 15 hours of autonomy when it comes to run-time.
  • It’s crucial to note that run duration is dependent on the capacity of the gasoline tank. Thus it doesn’t tell us anything on its own. One of the more fuel-efficient versions in the output above range, this generator consumes just 0.43 GPH (gallon per hour) at 50 percent load. As one of the most fuel-efficient models in this power range, the A-iPower 7000SL could be an option for your consideration.

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  1. Unhappy Customer. I haven’t been able to try the product. Upon arrival it was delivered with motor oil all over the box. Upon unboxing I discovered it was beat up completely with dents all over it. When contacting Walmart I was connected with the manufacturer . I’ve yet to receive my return instructions. Also why cant I return it to Walmart where I purchased it from. Now the expenses of returning this product will have to come out of my pocket!!!! I’m a very unhappy customer. I’m not satisfied at all!!!!!

  2. Yogosapphire says:

    Runs like a champ. We’ve only had the opportunity to use it in a brief power outage, but it ran like a champ, and we were the only lit house on the block.

  3. Great buy. Great generator. Starts right up and runs strong. I currently have my transfer switch plugged into it and running my house while power is out.

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