The Best 8000 Watt Generator Review for Mid Size House

The Best 8000 Watt Generator will always serve you better. A useful 8000-watt alternator gives you enough power to run large appliances during a power outage, power a variety of equipment on the job site, and many caravan attachments, as well as power your large home.

It’s time to choose the best 8000 Watt generator for your large space or appliance. You can find many brands of generators in the market, but Are all of them perfect for your appliance or space? Of course not.

The lack of electricity causes discomfort, discomfort, and many inconveniences in your daily life. Therefore, the generator becomes an essential machine to solve this problem. Although an 8000-watt generator isn’t quite on everyone’s must-have list, you’ll probably want one when you need it most of the time.

So what is the best 8000 Watt generator for you?

It is not easy to find the best one fast. To choose the best, you have to do thorough research so that you can easily find the best. Regardless of their help, I did good research and found some good generators.

To learn the best generators in the field, briefly read the Agernarrestaurant’s post below for more information as well as detailed purchasing instructions.

Generac 7676 GP8000E is a mid-sized portable generator with decent energy efficiency that gives you good runtime, good enough for emergency use. With an output of 8,000 to 10,000 watts, it is capable of maintaining active household equipment, trailer electronics, or powering power tools.

In general, the manufacturer has achieved a design that is relatively safe and easy to use but does not stand out from its competitors. Its main advantages are portability, noise level, and motor quality, but there is room for improvement in the design for easier maintenance and battery charging.

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Generac 7676 GP8000E Portable Generator review by User


The propane regulator’s screw tank fitting was found broken in the package. But I took a similar plastic accessory from the regulator on the grill and replaced the broken one in the alternator regulator. The generator works very well. Through the bipolar circuit breaker in the panel box with the alternator locking device.

On the outside of the house, a 50-amp waterproof socket is equipped with a heavy-duty power cable that connects to the 50-amp outlet of the generator. I tested the propane-powered system and found that it provided more than enough to cover the needs of the house.

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Westinghouse WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator review by User


The Duromax XP10000E is a heavy-duty generator that allows us to power appliances and electronic devices at the same time. The DuroMax XP10000E is equipped with a 16 HP 420cc OHV engine that produces a total of 8,000 running watts and a surge current of 10,000 watts. Fuel efficiency is one of the important features of this generator.

This model has a solid steel frame that makes it stable and secure for full grip and use. This generator has a run time of up to 10 hours on an uninterrupted tank of gasoline at 50% load. This is a great option for powering up your essential equipment when the power is out.

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Generac 767 DuroMax XP10000E Portable Inverter Generator review by User


Easy to configure. Easy to start. It comes with a plug-in battery charger so you can charge the battery while it’s running. The 12V socket will also allow you to charge mobile electronic devices as you would in a car. It has plenty of power and plenty of outlets, including 30 and 50 amp outlets. It has a fuel gauge and an hourly timer that shows how long the engine has been running.

This is useful for routine maintenance time, like changing the oil after so many hours of operation. It does not come with a protective cover for storage or a power cord. These are additional purchases and it’s a good idea to buy them when you buy the generator if you don’t already have them.

A-iPower SUA12000E comes with a wheel kit which makes it easy to move around. It is compact but heavy and sturdy. With proper maintenance and care, this generator should last a long time. It has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. All these make it one of the Best 8000 Watt Generator

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A-iPower SUA12000E Portable Generator review by User


Best 8000 Watt Portable Generator : Buying Guide

The Best 8000 Watt generators can be used as an emergency power alternative in homes or as a main source of power for example on any construction site, on a camping trip, or in a trailer.

The history of generators is far. Today, with such a wide range of options regarding these comfortable engines, finding the perfect generator for your specific budget and needs is no easy task.

Here are the important things that will help you choose the Best 8000 Watt generator for your home, or even for your off-grid power requirements.

How much power you need?

How much power can 8000 Watt generator can make

Where and how you plan to use a portable generator determines the power rating of the generator you need to get. The electricity requirements of a home are different from the electricity requirements of a camping site or construction site and for each of these circumstances; You will need different rating generators.

The amount of energy you need is mainly affected by the things you activate. Household appliances are usually rated in operating power and ignition. The initial watt is the amount of power required to operate the device Like an RV, and the power consumption is usually higher at this point.

However, operating watts is the amount of power required to operate the device regularly. The initial power rating is several times greater than the rated power. Not to mention, it can mislead you as to how much power you need from a portable generator.

Most of the models on our list have 8000 watts running, which is just enough to power two large appliances or a few smaller ones. Example check here to know how much power you need to run RV AC?

Try Eco friendly/Emission

Fossil fuel-powered generators tend to be the biggest factor in terms of emissions. This includes gasoline and diesel generators.

If you are trying to find an eco-friendly portable generator, a solar generator or any of those powered by propane might be perfect for you. However, it is unlikely to be as strong as gas.

In any case, try to find the emissions certificate that the generator may receive, for example, CARB, CSA, or EPA.

How many Outlets you need?

The model with multiple outlets allows you to optimally use the generator by dispersing the load. But, it is not recommended to use all sockets as it strains your alternator and jeopardizes its durability.

We recommend using all sockets only in emergencies, or when the appliances you’re using are already low on power.

Is it easy to move around?

Is it easy to move around Best 8000 Watt Generator Review?

The weight of the generator is not necessary but is usually related to the amount of power it produces. More powerful generators tend to be a little heavier. Having handles and wheels makes it easy to move all these generators.

Special generators are a bit heavier because they pack more smoothly and have a larger fuel tank so you can produce the power you want for your various electrical equipment and tools.

Is it easy to Use?

The highest-rated generator you can choose should be easy to use and include automatic control options that protect your alternator from deterioration. For example, look for a shut-off feature with oil spills that shuts down the engine while the oil level is too low.

Electric starting is another such function; With electric ignition, simply press a key to start the engine. On the other hand, a “cable pull” approach to starting generators during fatigue and aging is still a necessary backup option.

Size of the Fuel tank

Generators typically indicate their operating time as perhaps half the load or a quarter of the load. This indicates how long it will operate on a full fuel tank at a fixed percentage of total power.

However, if you plan to use your alternator in an emergency, and you also can’t estimate how long the mains will be off, you should get a generator with a larger fuel tank.

Efficiency Fuel consumption?

Efficient fuel consumption is one of the components of a great portable generator. Generators of this type adjust the level of spent fuel with the applied load.

Therefore, with such a setup, the engine runs at full throttle only when the “rated load” is equal to the generator’s maximum rating. This efficient fuel consumption allows you to save dollars on fuel expenses.

How much Noise?

noise level indicator

Generators that are too loud can damage your hearing as well as disturb your friends and neighbors. To avoid this, you should buy a suitable generator that runs as quietly as possible, and/or buy extended cables so that you can set the generator only a few meters away.

The permissible noise level for generators is about 70 dB or less. If not or he’s a little stronger, it’s easy to have a comfortable discussion nearby.

However, generators designed for factories are usually a bit noisier due to their higher power rating. Experts who use these units recommend purchasing the extended cables as well as the appropriate safety equipment to protect their safety and health which also affects the noise level.

Price of the Unit

Alternators from well-established brands, for example, Yamaha and Honda are rather expensive, but for good reason.

All of these manufacturers have a lot of experience building these generators, and you can also easily be sure that their generators are reliable enough to last a long time.

Warranty and Customer Support

Generators are expensive machines that can cost you several thousand dollars if destroyed. To do this, you should buy only a generator widely supported by the manufacturer. This makes it easy to repair the generator or even replace it in the event of a failure.

At the same time, the extended warranty shows the confidence of manufacturers in their goods. Excellent warranty 2 or 3 years.

Carefully review the warranty details to understand what is protected and what is not.

Best rated 8000 watt portable generators Review Conclusions

Overall, we tried our best to provide you with all of the information about the best 8000 Watt Generator Review. We hope that you like it and are capable to choose the right one. All of the generators are truly well enough and expert-recommended. So, you can use it without any hassles. Please make sure to share your opinions in the comment box below. Also, you are free to share this valuable post aimed at buying the best 8000 Watt generator with your friends.

How much does an 8kw generator cost?

Generac 7676 GP8000E

8KW is enough for any Midsize House. and We found that most of the good-rated Generators cost from $800 to $1300. If you found some generator price goes below this price range then you should keep eye on the different facts that we mention in our buying guide.

Is 8000 Watt generator enough?

If you have a mid-level house or apartment or you want to use this on your RV then 8KW is a nice option for you. So the answer is Yes it can Easily. And Always do not forget to calculate your power need then the decide.

Will an 8000 Watt generator run a house?

Yes, any best 8000 Watt Generator can support any mid-size House. This ranges generator can handle almost all your home electrical needs, You can use it for your refrigerator, Coffee maker, microwave, vacuum sealer, TV, lights, and even AC.

How many amps is an 8,000 Watt generator

Any best 8000 Watt Generator can operate 8,000 watts for 240 volts, which totals just more than 30 amps per phase (Power factor 0.9), meaning that it will operate just more than 60 amps at 120 volts.

Can an 8000 Watt generator handle a furnace?

Most household furnaces require around 600 Watts of power to operate and So any 8KW can use to power the furnace.