Westinghouse 10kpro generator review

Before starting this Westinghouse 10kpro generator review, we also test a few other inverters. Including Generac 7676, Firman 7500, and DuroMax XP10000EH.

The Westinghouse 10kpro inverter generator delivers up to 12,500 watts of power, making it an excellent choice for home or commercial use. To sum up, the Westinghouse 10kpro is an Emergency power backup generator. It’s perfect for:

  • Tailgaters and campers who want to be able to use their power wherever they go.
  • Handicrafters who want to work while on the road.
  • Home Backup during any natural disaster.

10 things you should know about this Generator:

  • Power: 10000 watts / 12500 watts
  • Engine: 680cc
  • Run-time: 11 Hours
  • Noise Level: 70 dBA
  • Outlets: 4 – 120V 20A, 120/240V AC Outlet, 120V 30A RV
  • Fuel Tank: 9.2 Gallons
  • Size: 30.7 x 31.1 x 31.3 Inches
  • Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: Yes
  • Warranty: 1-Year
westinghouse 10kpro generator

Westinghouse 10kpro generator review ware posted on – October 27, 2021. Last Updated – July 25, 2022

Expert Review Score – 4.70 Out of 5

User review on Amazon – 4.60 Out of 5 – 2+ Customers

Generac 7676

Electric Start Machine
  • Power: 8000 Watts / 10000 Watts
  • Engine: 420cc
  • Run-time: 11 Hours @ 50% load
  • Noise Level: 72 dBA
  • Outlets: 2 – 120V 20A, 1 – 120/240V 30A, 1- 12V DC
  • Fuel Tank: 3 Gallon
  • Size: 27.2 x 27 x 26.5 Inches
  • Weight: 198 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: No
  • Warranty: 1-Year Com, 3 Years Home
  • User Rating: – 4.5 Out of 5 – 400+ Customers
  • Expert Score: – 4.70 Out of 5

Firman 7500

Dual Fuel Generator
  • Power: Gas-7500/9400, LPG-8450/6750W
  • Engine: 439cc
  • Run-time: 12 Hours
  • Noise Level: 74 dBA
  • Outlets: 1 – 120V 20A, 1 – 120V – 30A, 1 – 120/240V Twistlock, 1 – 120V/240V – 50A 
  • Fuel Tank: 8 Gallons
  • Size: 32.1 x 24.4 x 22.2 Inches
  • Weight: 212 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: No
  • Warranty: 3-Year
  • User Rating: – 4.40 Out of 5 – 60+ Customers
  • Expert Score: – 4.25 Out of 5

DuroMax XP10000EH

DuroMax XP10000EH
Heavy Power Engine
  • Power: Gas-8000/10000, LPG-7600/9500W
  • Engine: 439cc
  • Run-time: Gas – 10h, LPG – 8hrs – 50% load
  • Noise Level: 72 dBA
  • Outlets: 1 – 120/240V 50A, 1 – 120/240V 30A Twist Lock, 2 – 120V 20A, 120V 30A RV
  • Fuel Tank: 8 Gallons
  • Size: 29 x 30 x 26 Inches
  • Weight: 220 Pounds
  • Parallel Ready: No
  • Warranty: 3-Year
  • User Rating: – 4.60 Out of 5 – 6.2K+ Customers
  • Expert Score: – 4.70 Out of 5

We looked for a high-quality generator with adequate watts to power my home’s requirements while remaining reasonable. This Westinghouse 10kpro Portable Generator is exactly what you need. It’s a high-quality product in every way. We installed the wheel kit (excellent), connected the battery cable (a hassle), filled the unit with oil (the only cheap part is the accompanying plastic funnel and tube, but it worked), took it outside, filled it with gasoline, and stabilizer, connected the transfer case cable, turned the key, and wow!!!

The Pro Series also has the world’s biggest commercial generator. Except for a few minor differences, Westinghouse 10KPRO is nearly identical to Westinghouse 8KPRO. We won’t go over everything we’ve already discussed; instead, we’ll concentrate on the features that make 10KPRO worth the extra money:

  • Watts for running and starting is much higher.
  • The engine is more powerful, and the functions are more powerful.
  • On the control panel, there is one additional socket.
  • It is more substantial than the Westinghouse 8KPRO.
  • Running and beginning wattage is much greater.

We’ll go over it in more detail once we’ve covered all of the key differences, but the current and beginning watts on the Westinghouse 10KPRO portable generator are significantly greater. You get 10,000 watts of power, which is the same as the starting watts on the Westinghouse 8KPRO.

This type provides no less than 12,000 beginning watts. If you are going to use really heavy machinery during the day, it is definitely worth having a few thousand additional watts rather than not utilizing a tool.

More Powerful Engine And Heavy-Duty Features

When purchasing power tools, you want the greatest engine money can buy. The powerplant in this 10KPRO monster is a 680cc Westinghouse V-Twin OHV. It also has more functions than the Westinghouse 8KPRO generator.

All of the previously mentioned features are included, as well as a pressurized lubrication system, a shock-mounted air cooler, and a vehicle-quality oil filter. If the engine is not operating at full power, the Smart Idle feature will still modify the engine based on demand.

An Extra Power Outlet On Control Panel

We’ve listed the covered sockets for 8KPRO, and they’re nearly the same at 10KPRO. Fortunately, you have someone else to play with, but let’s go through all of them so you know what you’re getting:

  • There are four 5-20R GFCI 120VAC 20 Amp sockets.
  • Twist Lock L14-30R 120/240VAC 30Amp socket
  • A 120VAC 30AMP L5-30R socket
  • A 50A 12V DC socket CS6369

It’s Heavier Than The Westinghouse 8KPRO.

The weight is the final significant distinction between these high-quality versions. It may just be 30 pounds heavier, but if the entire weight is 330 pounds, you will have more trouble. Because you still have the huge wheels and the sturdy grip, it doesn’t harm to move it till the ground is level.

The challenge is to load it onto your vehicle or store it somewhere on the job site. If you don’t have enough people to assist you to raise it, you should utilize the lifting hook that comes with it.

How To Decide Which Generator you need to Buy?

The portable generator you require may be dependent on various factors, but in the end, it all comes down to one. It would be ideal to have a generator that could power all of the essential power tools at the same time.

It’s simple to say, “Take the largest you can afford,” but this is where Watt’s running skills start to come into play. First, let’s take a look at Running Watts.

The Yamaha EF2800i 2800 Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator is a fantastic choice for a powerful generator that will endure for a long time. It employs inverter technology for more steady and consistent power, and when set to 25% power, it can provide 15 hours of power for all of your gadgets, including laptops and televisions. You may use the generator in your cabin as well; it is silent and includes a spark arrester.

Westinghouse 10kpro Generator Price History

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Westinghouse 10kpro Generator Review Summary


  1. Powers a whole house and more! Purchased this after tbe last hurricane in my area. Was surprised at the packaging and layout of the pieces. Everything went together smoothly and had it up and running in no time. It powers my while house including air conditioner which was a huge relief. Its as quiet as any other generator or lawnmower with a gas engine. The gas tank is nice and large but the dual fuel option is clutch being able to use propane. For the size and power output of this Generator it is very fuel efficient. I had used regular bbq propane tanks but after that first storm I purchased some larger 100lb tanks for even longer run time. I would recommend this to anyone looking to keep their family comfortable during storms and power outages.

  2. mrscravette says:

    Works beautifully. After 3 power outages lasting more than 2 days, all in 2020 adding to the misery of the pandemic, I bought this generator last September 2020. I had a generlink transfer switch installed on my electrical meter. First power outage yesterday and hold and behold, I fired the generator and it worked like a charm. I did not miss a beat and was able to continue working with no problem. I built a little shed to house it close to the meter so I do not have to wheel it in bad weather or deep snow. I keep the roof closed and the 3 sides opened. My neighbors said like it sounded like a far away lawn mower. I could hardly hear it in the house. I am very happy and prepared

  3. terrific customer support. What a delight! Isa, my technical rep who assisted me today was a breath of fresh air. Professional, polite, patient and most importantly listened! This all adds up to a fantastic experience and I haven’t even started up my unit yet! I hope the powers that be recognize that Isa is true asset of Duromax.

  4. Peace of mind investment! After the February Texas Snowmaggeden,my wife and I purchased the 12KW model and since February, we’ve used it 8 times. Just last night around 9pm we had a fast moving storm move through D/FW where our power was off 3.5 hours. The generator work like a champ. I know all my neighbors were looking out the their windows seeing our house a lit up and wishing they had our generator. It’s been the best thing I’ve purchased in years.

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