Westinghouse iGen2200 Review And Price History

You should know thatBefore starting this Westinghouse iGen2200 Review we test a few other inverters as well. Including Yamaha EF2000iSv2, WEN 56203i, and Briggs & Stratton P2400. 

Generators are handy companions for getting through storms and power outages. However, although well-meaning, some design flaws can put you at loggerheads with your neighbors or local authorities. Instead of buying a noisy generator, you can buy the Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator and enjoy electricity and tranquility.

Westinghouse iGen2200 Features

Westinghouse iGen2200 inverter geneator reviewThe gas-powered Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator is a portable yet powerful sensitive electronic device and reliable overload protection. Although it weighs just 46 pounds, it lacks power. It makes up for it in performance.

Besides, the small-size design is handy as it encourages easy transportation and storage. More importantly, though, the generator is an ideal choice for emergency backup in case of a power outage.

Parallel Compatibility with Siblings

The portable generator has 2200 peak watts and 1800 rated watts. However, there will be instances where the unit won’t power specific devices and appliances. The obvious solution is to buy another digital inverter generator or use another quiet generator that offers enough power supply. Unfortunately, this approach is expensive.

The Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator’s parallel compatibility feature lets you use it together with another model by the brand. For example, you can combine the unit with the iGen1200, iGen2500, and iGen2200 to increase the amperage and wattage. This way, you don’t need to buy a bigger unit before enjoying more power.

Stable Engine with Clean Electricity

The generator is powered by a sturdy 4-stroke OHV engine engineered to adjust the engine speed automatically. It does this so the engine can produce and supply consistent power as needed. Hence, instead of consuming more fuel, it ensures fuel efficiency. The engine also provides stable and clean electricity delivery with less than 3% total harmonic distortion to protect power-sensitive equipment.

By implication, you can plug your tablets, mobile phones, laptops, plasma television, etc., into the generator; rest assured of their safety. The engine supports up to 12 hours of runtime on the 1.2-gallon gas tank. Put differently; you can use the generator for half a day without breaks.

Ultra-quiet Performance for Everyone’s Peace

Westinghouse iGen2200 inverter geneator in usejpgThe generator produces 52dBA noise output to allow you to use the unit without disturbing others. This noise complaint level is essential if you intend to use the generator for camping or areas where the local law limits noise levels.

Not to worry, though; the generator is ideal for use in any part of the home or recreational activities without disturbing the neighbor next door. The unit is super quiet, and you can hold conversations besides it without feeling overwhelmed.

User-friendly Design

The inverter generator features a built-in handle that lets you carry the unit like a suitcase to any location. The unit itself has a small footprint; hence, it is easy to store after use. A LED light panel allows interactive communication as it displays levels to monitor the generator’s condition. There are also two USB outlets and two 120V 20 Amp outlets for convenient connection and use.

Reliable Packing for the Road

The Westinghouse inverter generator is packaged and shipped in a large Westinghouse box and features a plastic bag that contains the printed manual and instruction guide. Apart from this, a top cardboard insert includes the spark plug wrench, handle, oil, oil funnel, oil shutdown option. Foam inserts on the bottom and sides protect the generator from bumps during transit.

Westinghouse iGen2200 generator Pros

During Westinghouse iGen2200 Review we found few cons about it, Here it is:

  • A sturdy housing and rubber exterior feet
  • It starts with the first pull
  • 5V USB Port
  • Built-in Carry Handle
  • Easy setup process
  • Detailed and clear manual
  • Parallel compatible
  • 3-Year Warranty

Westinghouse iGen2200 Cons

During Westinghouse iGen2200 Review we found few cons about it, Here it is:

  • You can’t empty the remaining gas after turning it off
  • It may stutter a bit if you run it at a low RPM
  • You can’t feel the “click” when changing from choke to run mode

Westinghouse iGen2200 Review Conclusion

Nobody likes a noisy inverter generator, not even the owner. Instead of putting up with a nagging generator, you can substitute it for the Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator. The generator is lightweight, portable, and offers ultra-quiet performance for use anywhere.

Not only is it quiet, but it is powerful enough to power multiple devices and appliances without fail. If you require more power, hook it up to another model by Westinghouse and take advantage of the parallel compatible feature. As a plug-and-play device, the generator is easy to use thanks to a concise instruction manual and guide. Check a few More on Pinterest.

Generac GP3500iO – Portable Inverter Generator

Generac GP3500iO – Portable Inverter Generator

  • Running: 3000 Watts
  • Starting: 3500 Watts
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Capacity: 2.6 Gallons
  • Starting: Electric / Recoil Pull Start
  • RV Ready: N/A
  • Noise: N/A
  • Weight: 109.1 lbs
  • Runtime: 8.9 Hours
  • Warranty: 36 month limited warranty
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9.1 Total Score
Another powerful machine with several benefits.

The setup process of this inverter generator is very easy. Everything worked perfectly. The generator spooled up just enough to power the start-up sequence of the stove.

  • A sturdy housing and rubber exterior feet
  • It starts with the first pull
  • 5V USB Port
  • You can't feel the "click" when changing from choke to run mode
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Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator 1800 Rated & 2200 Peak Watts, Gas Powered, CARB Compliant

$474.05  in stock
as of April 5, 2022 6:41 am


  • 1800 Rated Watts and 2200 Peak Watts at Less Than 3% THD - Weighs Only 46 Lbs. - Gas Powered - Two 120V 20 Amp Outlets, Two USB Outlets
  • Great Choice for Home Use as an Emergency Backup in a Power Outage - Strong Enough to Run All Your Home Essentials
  • Extremely Quiet, Extremely Fuel Efficient: as Low as 52 dBA Noise Output and 12 Hour Run Time on a 1. 2 Gallon Gas Tank - Features "Economy Mode" for Maximum Fuel Efficiency
  • Parallel Capable - Combine Your iGen2200 with the Westinghouse WH2200iXLT, iGen1200, iGen2200, and iGen2500 to Increase Available Wattage and Amperage (Requires Westinghouse Parallel Cord)
  • All Westinghouse Portable Generators are Functionally Tested in the Factory and May Contain Minimum Residual Oil and/or Fuel Odor; EPA and CARB Compliant; Backed By 3-Year Limited Service, Labor, and Parts Coverage and Nationwide Customer Service Network

Price history for Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator 1800 Rated & 2200 Peak Watts, Gas Powered, CARB Compliant
Latest updates:
  • $499.00 - May 4, 2022
  • $491.77 - April 29, 2022
  • $499.00 - April 26, 2022
  • $404.21 - April 23, 2022
  • $499.00 - April 21, 2022
  • $443.77 - April 11, 2022
  • $450.35 - April 7, 2022
Since: November 21, 2021
  • Highest Price: $499.00 - March 29, 2022
  • Lowest Price: $404.21 - April 23, 2022

Common FAQ about Westinghouse iGen2200

Are westinghouse generators made in china?

Not only the Westinghouse iGen2200 but also all other generators from Westinghouse are designed in the USA and made in China or Vietnam under the license and supervision of the Company.

Is Westinghouse a good inverter generator?

We found that this model could be easily ranked among the top few inverter generators in the market during our test. It is well designed, quiet, reliable, and lightweight. At the same time, it is cheaper than other models or manufacturers.

Are Westinghouse generators any good?

Yes, it is great in design, quiet during operation, reliable when it needs more, and lightweight makes it another awesome inverter generator on market.

Who makes the Westinghouse igen2200?

Westinghouse is the Manufacturer of the product. Its design in the united state and made in China or Vietnam.

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