Westinghouse WGen5300s – Portable Inverter Generator

Nowadays, compact portable generators are everywhere. Generators like Westinghouse model WGen5300s are being used as backup power supplies or at a large-scale construction area for extra power. Either way, high power generators are a necessity for many companies, businesses, and households. Choosing the best inverter generator requires that you know the power output you need. Read Westinghouse WGen5300s review and know Price history. Buy from amazon

Westinghouse WGen5300s Storm Portable Generator with Electric Start and 120/240 Volt Selector 5300 Rated 6600 Peak Watts Gas Powered, CARB Compliant, RV and Transfer Switch Ready

$679.00  in stock
as of August 4, 2023 10:11 pm

Westinghouse WGen5300s Storm Portable Generator

$975.48  in stock
as of August 4, 2023 10:11 pm

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  1. Treverlee1 says:

    Awesome first generator. Bought this generator i case of emergency due to the craziness and possible bad weather. Love the portability. Not too hard to move. My favorite feature is the electric start. Not too keen on pull starts, though glad it’s there as a back up. Just unboxed it and assembly was very easy. First start was 20 min after I opened the box. The startup was real fast. No dents dings or scratches anywhere as I did read in previous reviews. I would definitely recommend this generator. And another good thing, I like the gas gauge too

  2. Will Keep my Home Running on Whole House Propane. The Dual Fuel option for this unit was just what I wanted. I was able to connect to my Whole house (1000 gallon) propane tank and it runs great. The 220V was able to run my well pump, keep my fidges going, and run a few other things. I should never run out of propane and won’t have to worry about keeping gasoline on hand which gets old and can be a pain.

  3. Audioriver says:

    Started right up! The unit arrived at my door via FedEx. Like some other reviews, upon unboxing found the alternator end cap to be badly dented. Listening for noise while slowly pulling starter, then checking under the cap for any shorts or other damage all was good. Believe the damage occurred prior to being boxed as there was no damage to any of the shipping materials.
    Filled crankcase with the supplied oil and added recommended gasoline. Turned on fuel supply valve then let sit for a minute to prime the carburetor bowl and check for leaks, all good. Switched on engine control switch and set choke. One slow pull to find TDC, then a solid pull and the unit quickly came to life. Ran unloaded for the recommended one hour break in. At first the frequency regulation was marginal but now seems very good after the break in period. At present have run up to about half load with no issues. Good voltage regulation, no momentary glitches. Noise level is acceptable, not the absolute quietest but definitely much better than some others I have used.
    All in all believe this generator will work well for my emergency power needs.
    Will try to add to this review when I get a chance to really slam it!

  4. Amazing beast of a generator. Originally bought a pulsar generator which was garbage and could not run anything in our travel trailer! Returned that pulsar for this Westinghouse Wgen5300df. Soo happy we did! Hooked up the Westinghouse to travel trailer and ran everything in trailer flawlessly without a hiccup! Westinghouse Wgen 5300df has been amazing! Don’t hesitate just buy this now if you can find it in stock!

  5. paintingthetown says:

    INCREDIBLY AWESOME GENERATOR!!! * I purchased this generator primarily for back up power for my home as I live in an area that is known for power outages and will use it primarily for refrigerator(s), lighting, TV’s & internet.
    * Overall this generator appears to perform well and has most features one would want on a generator, with the exceptions mentioned below.
    * Ease of starting and maneuvering this size generator is amazing and all the features are “user friendly”
    * Looking at schematic there appears to be a 10-amp fuse somewhere in wiring, but it is not in an easy place to access. Seems like there is plenty of space on the control panel and that’s where they should have installed this fuse.
    * There is no hour meter on this generator, yet it is repeatedly stated in the manual that specific maintenance needs to be done every few hours to maintain proper performance; such as oil changes, filter changes, valve adjustments, etc. How does one keep track of the “hours” put on the generator without writing it down every time. Seems an hour meter with an alarm or notification of some type would be appropriate. No generator should be designed without, at the bare minimum, an hour meter. Also, it should incorporate a volt meter so you can see at a glance whether the generator is producing 120v or 240v as there is a switch that changes the voltage. A watt meter would also be helpful to be able to see the “load” being produced so as not to overload the generator. I know these meters exist because I’ve seen them on other generators.
    * Adding and changing the oil is made easier by the screw-on funnel provided. It screws into the oil port, but is about 3-4” too short so adding the oil is cumbersome. Also, the oil plug itself requires one to get down on their knees to orient the plug straight so it screws in without binding.
    * Also has REMOTE START and when starting with any method other than manual pulling of the rope starter it will attempt to start 3-4 times on its on. Very intelligent.
    * With all that said, it is a great generator for the money.

  6. Reliable power when I needed it most. I bought this about two months ago and I’m so happy that I did, because when the power went out due to the winter storm in North Texas today, I have been able to have power when others haven’t. My house is nice and toasty, thanks to this amazing generator! I’m even hosting people without power! Having heat and charged cell phones saves lives! But this can power so much more than just a few heaters and cell phones! It can run the dryer if we needed it to! Good job Westinghouse!

  7. Tiger Phillips says:

    Worked Great. I actually purchased this generator a little over a month ago. Have not had to use till February the 18th with our recent ice storm taking the power out from limbs acorss the lines. Had previously gased it up with ethanol free gas n the oil came from the factory which is a great bounus. It ran great n wasnt that loud once it was under the awning on the porch. But kept the inside frezzer n refrigator . Plus the TV and 2 lights. I have a secondary line to hook to the well if needed . But had prepared.

  8. JRH from FTW says:

    Love the Battery Start. Wgen5300s Came on time and was delivered to my front door. I open the carton and put the wheel and feet on it. Some other brands the wheel kit is extra too. This unit came with the battery. Some other brands the battery is extra. Connected the battery. Put the oil in it (IMPORTANT). Came with the needed oil too. Put fresh gas in it and fired it up. Started right off. It has a pull cord, but I used the battery start. GREAT! I connected a 1500 watt heater to it. This generated hardly noticed it at all. Runs smooth.

  9. Oklahoma Outback says:

    Best Model for Home Backup & Emergencies. After the Oklahoma “Icenado” of Oct 2020 when we were w/o power for 4 days I determined to NEVER to BE a VICTIM & caught w/ my pants down. Thru heavy research I found the 5300DF (dual fuel) model the best match for our needs for a modest home w/ 5 people. It would be best for a large RV too. Westinghouse has the best ratio of Price Point, Power Output, best warranty, 1000s of 4+ star reviews & FREE delivery. Ordered it 1/12/21 & it was delivered 1/18/21. The setup is very easy. The nearest town is a 30min drive, so we’re “out here”. The Propane fuel option is really what sold me b/c it NEVER goes bad & you can hook the Generator to your home Propane tank by teeing off. I saw lots of people filling 5gal gas tanks to run generators at local stations. That ONLY works when the pumps have power. The Propane option is a no-brainer & is easier on my wife & daughters, esp. if you’re using small 2gal tanks or a 100gal. The other PLUS is the REMOTE START FOB. You can turn it on from inside the safety of your home. It also has the push button start. I’m going to either install a transfer switch or install a breaker box interlock kit to run the generator directly into our house for emergency backup. We had neighbors w/o power & water for 10+ days in Oct. Family & friends in Texas were worse off during the Feb 2021 snow storm. The FACT that MOST of Texas was w/o power & H20 for 4-10 days is everyone’s WAKE UP call that you’re On your own. OYO. For my “off-grid” solar friends who were w/o power b/c of cloud cover & snow, the 5300DF will provide a better layer of confidence. You must be prepared cause we’re in the Twilight Zone from now on. 2020 & 2021 was a trial-run.

  10. Nice unit. Waited several months for it to come back in stock. Ideal output for my needs and ability to run on propane was driver for selecting this model. Instructions are clear and concise. I added 0.7L of supplied oil, put on wheels and feet. Hooked up to propane and started with remote without issues. Let it run 1 hour unloaded to break in. A few days later I hooked it up to the house to test if it could power my essential loads, which it did without issue.

    Had a little trouble getting oil dipstick to line up and thread properly. Other than that, I’m happy with this purchase.

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